Paddle, Paddle, Paddle

Yesterday evening, I finally got to paddle board for the second time, and it’s been two years since I first tried it! I really want and need to do it more often. I met with Kase at her place, and we carpooled over to the Ijam’s Quarry. Vicky (center) and Cindy (far right) met us there, and after we rented our boards, we hit the water!

A sweet lady took our photo, and she caught some fabulous candid ones of us trying to get into place. It’s difficult to hold still and keep the board from turning!


It was a gorgeous evening with the perfect temperature and breeze.


Such a serene place. I can’t believe it took me this long to discover it. I definitely intend to continue discovering all of Knoxville’s “hidden gems”!


They had pretty cornhold boards set up, but unfortunately, Kase and I didn’t play a game.


Take one.


Attempt number two. Lol


We did, however, make time for food truck noms. We ordered from Meatball Madness and More. I chose their Asian ginger meatballs entree. It was wonderful! Only thing that disappointed me was the rice-to-meatball ratio. I wouldn’ve much rather had far more meatballs and less rice, but I ate half and was satisfied.


Kase ordered their black and blue meatball sub.


I really look forward to visiting here again and getting into more adventures with friends!

The Dog Days of Summer

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I began Friday morning with a Love Grown oat cup-turned muffin with a small mug of cottage cheese with half a nectarine. (Sorry for the poor, early morning lighting.)


The babies were cracking us up at breakfast!


Fri-yay outfit, complete with another one of my new Anthropologie tops.


I got my bangs and neck trimmed, which makes all the difference. Kroger’s free Friday product was Kraft Snack Trios. This was tasty and perfect to keep me satisfied until dinner. I did also have a banana muffin after getting home.


Our Shutterfly wedding collage was delivered, and it made me oh so happy.


I got to stay with Kaci and Axl on Friday night, and I loved it! We did a Barre3 routine, and Axl tried to “participate” aka get us to finish and go play fetch. 😉


My dinner consisted of finishing off our lemon cilantro hummus with avocado and vegetables for dipping.


Kaci made a turkey burger with barbeque sauce and vegetables. Those countertops ❤ Their place is super cute.


Special Goob! He and the cats are definitely related. 😉

Dessert was Fage with banana, mixed nuts, cinnamon, and honey.


I suffered an epic fail. I rented the Power Rangers movie but out of habit, I rented a blu ray disc. Welp, Kase doesn’t have a blu ray player, soooo we couldn’t watch it. Haha better luck next time!

Breakfast was early due to Axl taking up our pillows. He was forgiven because he’s so cute. I had Fage, cinnamon, peanut butter, Love Grown Comet Crispies, and an apple.


After getting ready, we three took some photos. Hahaha these crack me up! Kase and I unintentionally coordinated. #twinning


“Hey Aunt Kor, lemme give you a kiss.”


K Brew café au lait ❤


We met with Shannon and finalized their wedding décor order. Getting so real! I treated us to lunch at Vienna Coffeehouse. We split a veggie wrap…


and a caprese sandwich on a croissant. This lunch was so delicious!


Without going into details, Axl had an oopsy while riding in my lap. Dogs have a certain gland that is supposed to be cleared out when they use the potty, but his hadn’t been. Whoopsies! I quickly cleaned up, ran home and changed, and then I met up with Kaci at her future SIL’s house. This was another Anthro top. I love it!


Kase was sweet and gave me an organic pop tart that she had picked up on Friday. I enjoyed that later in the afternoon.


I can’t explain exactly why, but my anxiety started to build on Saturday. The noise in my head – my thoughts and fears – just peaked. I got home and upon coming through the door, I broke down. Instead of making fun of me or telling me to get over it, Matt was the very best husband. He held me, wiped away my attractive smudged mascara, and he helped calm me down to the point of laughing. I never take his love for granted.

Anywho, I then was able to make our dinner or salad with avocado and a drizzle of citrus vinaigrette topped with a chicken burger and hash brown patty.


Dessert was a smoothie topped with multigrain Cheerios and peanut butter.


Sunday morning we were woken up at 5:00 from the sound of glass shattering. We both jumped out of bed, went downstairs, and we saw our side lamp busted all over the floor. We think it was Rachel who accidentally broke it, but THANK GOODNESS for no cut paws! We cleaned it up and laid back down, but neither of us fell back asleep. We got up around 6:30 and made breakfast. This was actually my idea, which I was proud of. A smaller portion of savory oats with greens, egg, avocado, and we split each a chicken burger and hash brown patty. I also ate half an apple with cinnamon and sunflower seeds.


I needed to read this and keep as a reminder.


I left the house early to do some shopping at TJ Maxx and HomeGoods, hoping to find a new lamp. I didn’t check their hours, and instead of rolling with it, I became angry. So, this will be something I will actively work to improve. I went by Target and got a few things including some KIND minis.


I met up with Kase, and we completed 865 Fit Tribe’s Hip Hop Cardio class at Lululemon. It was awesome!! I love that they cultivated a welcoming, non-judgmental class. Everyone gave it their all and didn’t have to worry if rhythm or movement wasn’t exact. Eminem’s ‘Til I Collapse played, and I immediately was taken back to being a freshman in high school, jamming to his album. It gave me a great boost of energy. 😉 It was a perfect class! They had some mini blueberry streusel muffins and petite vanilla scones from Starbucks plus fruit salad. I had a little fruit and one each of the pastries before accompanying Kase to Anthropologie. She got the yellow sweater and a cute copper wire basket.

I saw this chair and fell in love immediately. Too bad it was $898. Yikes, but I’m sure worth it given the time and effort put into it!


I didn’t find a lamp but had to resist so many mugs at Anthro, TJ Maxx, and HomeGoods. Loved this one!


I found some great food and this cute new bowl for the babies’ water.


I shopped at Kroger then came home for a much-needed shower.

Beet chips flavored with goat cheese dipped into white bean and pine nut hummus, carrots, and a radish. This was my late lunch. Jackson’s pose!


Matt was a sweetie and went to Aldi with me. We stocked up then I roasted a huge pan of vegetables. I topped them on leafy romaine, wild rice, pinto beans, an taziki.


I made Simple Mills chocolate muffins as well.


I went on a 30-minute walk and noted that our crepe myrtle out front is blooming nicely. Love this color.


We both made a smoothie and split a muffin. It’s a little dry but overall is tasty.


Jackson exuded all of our mood with Monday looming. Hahahaha


He’s so cute!! We clipped his claws after this, and he was not a happy camper! But he forgave us quickly.


Wishing you all a successful and enjoyable week ahead!


Good Vibes

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Friday morning began with blueberry oatmeal. I was attempting to make an oatmeal “muffin” like the recipe from Love Grown’s oatmeal cups. I forgot that you only include an egg and omit the milk. So the texture was off, but I still enjoyed it.


Kase gave me this blazer recently when she reorganized the closet at their new place. I really love it!


Mason was due for his third chemo treatment Friday afternoon. He is a rockstar! He’s responded very well, but our poor baby went through a slightly rough experience. The staff were great, but things happen. The sedation they use is light, so he can still move. He kicked his leg and dislodged his IV. They had to start a new one, but his appetite hasn’t changed a bit, and he was happy as can be later. He stayed at Kaci’s throught Saturday afternoon and loves his new digs!



I had picked up a GF frozen pizza at Kroger and decided that sounded like the perfect Friday dinner. I also bought these potholders by The Pioneer Woman that I adore.


Complete with roasted green beans and a simple Caesar salad.


For breakfast on Saturday, I had orange marmalade, smoked turkey, and avocado toast. Mmmm


Coffee with my Internation Delight One Touch Vanilla Latte product. The handtowels are also by The Pioneer Woman. #obsessed


Matt made an omelet with a banana muffin over thawed wild blueberries + a tangerine.




I did a lot of cleaning and then got ready for the day. I wore one of my new shirts from Amazon. Love it!


Matt was super sweet and changed my oil and filter + aired up my front tires. I then picked up my bridesmaid dress for Kaci’s wedding. So exciting! I went by her place and snuggled with Mason until she arrived. I enjoyed this cinnamon sugar muffin with milk and a few bites of trail mix then loaded up Mason to take him home.


I shopped at Kroger, and their free Friday product was Quaker Overnight Oats cup. I had it this morning, and it was tasty!


Dinner was cucumber and radish with Sabra parmesan and spinach taziki, roasted squash and cabbage, and a salmon burger.


We had a snack and watched the last of Gotham season 2. Now to wait for Netflix to air the third season!

For breakfast on Sunday, I came up with the idea to warm our leftover pizza with wilted spinach and top with over easy eggs. As you can tell, I struggled hardcore with my eggs.


Matt cracked open one of his eggs, and it had twin yolks!


After breakfast chill time. He covered up Rachel, and she stayed.


Sweet Mace catching some rays.


Jaxxy is too cute!


I got ready and attended a free Barre class held at our Lulumon store. It was amazing and so needed! I loved the instructor. She taught at Barre Belle and is in the process of opening a studio. Follow The865fittribe on Instagram and Facebook for class schedules.


They were sweet and provided complimentary snacks after the hour-long class.


Post-workout super happy bathroom selfie.


I went next door and shopped Anthropolgie’s sale – 30% already discounted items. I found five cute shirts! Matt thinks they look like an old lady because some are designed to be oversized. Pft, men. 😉


I picked up lunch for us at Whole Foods hot bar. The zucchini was a tad too spicy, and the pulled pork piece that I got was all fat. :/ But I still enjoyed it.


Such a cute bag!


SnapChat with Mason. These kill me!


Dinner was a bowl of roasted vegetables, wild rice pouch from Aldi, and simmered seasoned beans.


We had a later snack and watched a clip of John Oliver on the Stephen Colbert show. Sometimes you go to bed on time, and other times you have a snack and stay up a little with your man. ‘Tis life.

Today I am wearing one of my new Anthro tops. It’s so comfortable, and I love the sleeves!


Have a great day!

Feel the Burn

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Friday started out a bit hectic but ended super well. Before Matt left for work, he decided to change Mason’s e-tube site dressing. When he did, he realized it was infected – very swollen and unhealthy looking to us. I finished getting ready and took him to the ER Vets. They confirmed it was infected but that he was not running a fever, thankfully. They drained it and started him on antibiotics again. He’s been a strong baby through all of this.

Backtracking to breakfast, I made cheesy fluffy scrambled eggs over wilted spinach and the second to last flag cake bar. Plus amazing coffee.


Matt made an omelet.


I wasn’t finished with my patriotic outfits. 😉


I signed up for a Barre3 studio class for free thanks to my birthday coupon. It was awesome! First “burn” of the weekend, and it was a fantastic one.

Once home, I made our first Sun Basket meal: Chickpea and Tomatillo Stew with Wilted Dandelion Greens. Unfortunately, this was really lacking in flavor. We brought it for lunch today and are hoping it’s improved since chilling. :/


We watched Once Upon a Time in Venice, hoping for a funny, lighthearted movie. It was pretty stupid, though.

Saturday’s breakfast included mashed avocado and orange marmalade toast along with peanut butter and blueberry toast.


Matt made a savory waffle sandwich.


We had planned to take Rachel to the vets in June for her blood sugar follow-up appointment, but with everything that has happened to Mason, it got pushed into July. Of course I had to wear my new cat tee to rock my cat-love. Sweet Mason hiding in the back.


Even though we didn’t have her fast, her levels have dropped some more. She’s still considered to be in the same range, but we’re to continue the same course of action with just her special food and no insulin. A relief!

Once home, I made lunch that consisted of greens, cottage cheese, cucumber, steamed and chilled green beans, bell pepper, sunflower seeds, and a cinnamon sugar muffin.


After I grocery shopped, I decided to treat myself to a drink from Awaken Coffee. While walking to their shop from where I parked, I spotted this cool mural.


They have a cute space!


I shared my drink in my Ig Story, and then they shared it on their account. 🙂 It was refreshing and just what I needed. I chose decaf espresso, though so as not to overdo the caffeine.


Thankfully, the second Sun Basket meal was excellent! It was roasted cauliflower with smoked paprika, parsley and scallions. It came with a delicious herb sauce that paired with pan-seared then baked skin-on chicken breasts. Mason was a fan, as you can tell. Haha


Dessert was Fage, GA peach which was tasty but not very juicy, and Mesa Sunrise cereal flakes.


I prepped each of us a bowl of Kylie’s Breakfast Cookie Dough: oats, oat flour, salt, milk, peanut butter, and mashed banana. In the morning I topped mine with yogurt and blueberries.


Cats + Coffee + Sunshine


Matt added an egg to his and cooked the batter into pancakes.


I was proud of us because we were packed and I was showered in time to arrive at the lake house at noon. We spent 4.5 glorious hours out there. Kaci and Drew met us out there about an hour or so later. If you squint, you can see some ducks having a lovely Sunday float about. Lol


After we did some floating ourselves, we had lunch on the deck. I made a veggie cottage cheese bowl with Red Hot Blues corn chips.


I packed the last of our barbeque chicken, green beans, and some cauliflower for Matt plus peppers, avocado, and chips.


No float stands a chance with Axl. He popped yet another. Silly boy.


When you think you and your husband applied the sunscreen well. Face-palm. Second burn of the weekend, and it was not a fantastic one. Lolz


I made our third and final Sun Basket meal: Italian sausages over nectarine mostarda sauce with sautéed mustard greens. Delish!


After finishing meal prep, dishes, laundry, and showering, I had a mug of cereal with peanut butter. We watched an episode of Gotham and then called it a night.


Happy Monday and week ahead!

Friday Favorites

I love reading other bloggers’ Friday Favorites posts, so I figured I would share one of my own. 🙂

*As an aside, I wanted to share an update on Mason. If you feel in your heart that you’d like to help, we would be very grateful!


Clothing + Accessories

I bought the chambray top, colorful top, and the dress at Planet Xchange, a local store dedicated to selling awesome gently used clothes.


I got this cardigan on Amazon and love it! I’m waiting on this top, this top, and yet another top to be delivered. To fully wear my cat love with pride, I got this t-shirt. I love the geometric design, it looks similar to the style of my owl tattoo. The print is a little off-center on the tee I was sent, but I love it.


Freshwater cultured black pearl cat stud earrings. LOVE!



The patriotic bars that I shared in my last post were so good, and I look forward to making them again! We ordered from Sun Basket with a coupon, so I’ll be sharing about our experience with their meals. Lastly, I’ve really been into savory breakfasts a little more lately, especially a sweet-savory combo.

Ways to Move My Body

Kaci came over yesterday, and we snuck in a quick walk before another downpour. We came inside, and I made up a routine of cat-cow stretches, down 5dog, planks, moutain climbers, boat pose, etc. Once the rain stopped, we went back for a walk, so it was perfect! Jackson and Rachel were our cheerleaders. 🙂 I’ve been loving my Barre3 online subscription, and today I’m attending a free class thanks to my birthday voucher.



I don’t care how old I get, I am always excited to find a new planner, especially when they are this pretty! They make me excited for the year ahead.




This weekend, despite a rainy Saturday and no big plans, was still so perfect and so needed. I felt recharged, hence the blog title ;), and I am thankful for it!

This photo came up on my Facebook memories taken at the lake house three years ago. ❤ ❤


The lighting was poor, so I didn’t photograph my Friday breakfast. Some kitty cuddles and play before we left for work!


I earned a free drink from The Empty Cup, so I got a large latte with one pump vanilla. It was the perfect pick-me-up, and Matt noticed how energetic I was. Lol! It didn’t make me shaky or anything – just bubbly.


Matt made our tuna salad for dinner because he’s much better at it than me. He made a triple stack because his GF bread slices are so small. I had mine with tortilla chips.

Thanks to my parents’ generous Amazon birthday gift card, I have been ordering some fun things including these two new door mats. They brighten our place. We need new chairs and an over-the-door wreath hanger, then our patio will be complete.


I just never get tired of our view.


I got to go on an evening walk with my best friend, and it made me so very happy. We’ve decided to make it a weekly thing to take at least one walk together on Friday. I’ll now look forward to it each time!


We spotted several rabbits.


We used to have a tree like this at the lake house off the point on the right side. They always remind me of The Lorax and Dr. Seuss.


Love these!


We spotted this for sale, and I loved how rustic and vintage it is.


Dessert included Fage, apple, LOVE GROWN Comet Crispies, and Reginald’s Bourbon Pecan Peanut Butter.


While I was at The Empty Cup, I picked up two of their gluten sensitive cinnamon rolls – one was maple bacon and the other was strawberry rhubarb.


For breakfast on Saturday, we split them and had cheesy fluffy scrambled eggs on wilted spinach with fresh mango. This was so delicious!


I ordered a yoga ball, resistance bands, and 2 lb dumbbells on Amazon and completed a 60-minute Barre3 online workout. The babies cheered me on, although it wasn’t my favorite routine. Even still, I was glad I did it!


Had avocado hummus toast with peppers and tomato plus two Matcha Joe’s cookies.


Tried to be somewhat patriotic. 😉 I went shopping at Planet Xchange and found two tops and a dress for me and two tops for Matt for under $70. Not bad!


I swung by Kaci’s because I had accidentally left a few things at her place last week. Since it was pouring, she was sweet and brought it out to me.

Once back home, I put our whole chicken into the oven and snacked on GF pita chips drizzled with tahini. Delicious!


I made steamed Brussels sprouts and roasted rosemary garlic sweet potato rounds. We dipped them in jalapeno ketchup, and we added more barbeque sauce to the chicken. After eating my drumstick and part of the breast, I felt satisfied and saved the rest.


I made this awesome flag cake thanks to Anne’s recipe! It was so fun and so tasty.


We rented Hacksaw Ridge with my free birthday Redbox coupon. Despite it being a war movie, I really loved it. Great acting in my opinion, and it told an incredible true story.

For breakfast on Sunday, I had oatmeal topped with berries, mango, and peanut butter. Sometimes I love flavor on flavor and other times it’s nice to keep things simple.


Sunday marked SIX YEARS since Kaci and I traveled with our parents and aunt to Costa Rica. This was taken at the airport before we departed from TX. It always makes me smile when I come across it!


Even thought it is already July, I *finally* changed out my clothes and organized our closet. I also washed nearly all of our clothes and dishes. #productive I also completed a 30-minute Barre3 workout that I did love. I felt redeemed.

I chose to wear one of my new tops on Sunday, and I realized I have three chambray pieces from this same brand, all purchased at Planet Xchange. I’m consistent.


Before leaving the house, I ate an apple with sharp cheddar and dark chocolate covered almonds.


I earned $2 off my next purchase at K brew, so I ordered their spritzer but in decaf since it was late in the afternoon. Their spritzer is excellent espresso with tonic water. One of the sweet co-owners accidentally made it with caffeinated espresso, and the barista caught it. They gave it to me too, so I took out the ice and saved it for this morning. It was still delicious!


Matt was super sweet and right before crawling into bed at 1AM Saturday night, he offered to prep the beans to soak since I had forgot. Sunday afternoon, I added our frozen ham bone and vegetable broth, brought it to a boil, and then simmered it for about 1.5 hours.


Meanwhile, I made mac ‘n cheese + tuna bowls for some lunches this week.


Matt pulled all the meat off the bone, and then we ate our helping with the last of the Brussels sprouts and some tortilla chips. Ordinarally, I make my grandmother’s buttermilk corn bread to go with it but forgot to get buttermilk. Whoops. This still hit the spot.


She’s so cute!! She still looks like a kitten to me. Matt brought home a drone that his oldest brother had left at his dad’s a few years ago. It was hilarious to watch the babies try to figure out what in the heck it was.


Dessert was half a banana hidden by Kashi sweet potato flakes, yogurt, spices, and milk.


Jaaaaax. We actually got to bed at a good time! Unfortunately, this sweetie woke us at 4:56AM to having a hairball outside our room. #catparentproblems


I had prepped our oats the night before, so all we had to do was cook them on the stove. Pineapple, raisins, sunflower seeds, freshly grated carrot, spices and then topped with maple and brown sugar.


I’m wearing my other new top today. Matt helped me choose this outfit. 😉


I hope everyone has a great week, and if you have the fourth off, I hope it’s a fabulous day!

New Beginnings

Happy Monday! That’s a little bit of an oxymoron, huh? I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. On Friday, we had a nice work potluck-style lunch to celebrate the June birthdays, which included myself and these two other sweet girls.


Cierra and I were work twins with our new scrubs and pixie haircuts!


I took Mason in for his second round of chemo on Friday afternoon. They had to sedate him because he was too nervous, but he did well otherwise. We were told he is responding well so far. Here is the latest update on our GoFundMe page: If you would like to donate or share, please help spread the word!

I took him to Kaci’s so he could be separated from Rachel and Jackson given the chemo medications in his system. For dinner, we had the last of our cooked vegetables, rice-stuffed grape leaves, avocado, and chicken. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much left. Whoops.


I had Fage with a banana, peanut butter, and chocolate covered almonds for dessert.


I was up early on Saturday morning and made this omelet myself. However, I couldn’t flip it and ended up putting it back in the pan, splitting it. and gently moving the turkey/cheese/spinach filling so I could ensure the egg was cooked well. Keepin’ it real, ha. I’m not great at flipping eggs. I completed it with part of a red plum and avocado toast.


*Side note: Saturday was my dad’s 63rd birthday, and while I couldn’t be there to celebrate, I wanted to give him a shoutout for being the best, most supportive dad ever!


I got ready by 9:30, which is kind of a record for a Saturday. But I hadn’t had coffee and was heading to K brew, so the perfect motivation!


I had my heart set on trying their new Banana Creme Latte: real pureed bananas, Cruze Farm milk, signature espresso, and topped with whipped cream and vanilla wafers. Heavenly! *Another side note: I was sitting across from who I came to believe was some sort of personal trainer. She was speaking with a client on the phone, and it made me so sad. Her obsession with calorie counting, manipulation of one’s body, sole focus on weight loss. It was all wrong. But it makes me even happier I have become a non-diet RD!


The title of this post refers to Kaci and Drew purchasing their first home! This ah-dorable gem has been renovated over the past several months, and they closed on it Friday afternoon. They spent the weekend moving a great deal of their belongings into it, and I was thankfully able to meet up and help some on Saturday.


We all made a Target run, and then Kaci and I went to Trader Joe’s. I had to get these. They just screamed my name, and they’re delicious.


Karin found this as she was organizing some of her photos. She had taken this for me in their backyard on June 29, 2013 – almost four years ago! – as a headshot for my portfolio. I loved seeing it!


I brought Mason home and made us a simple salad, rice, and baked flounder for dinner.


Dessert included, you guessed it, Fage, strawberries, the rest of my plum, Qia cereal, and roasted nuts.


For breakfast on Sunday, I had toasted waffles with melted brie, avocado, roasted seeds, wilted spinach, and fresh strawberries. After enjoying my coffee, I took care of chores and completed a 40-minute online Barre3 routine. Loved it!


I sported my new shirt from Target and did some grocery shopping as well as shoe shopping at DSW. I finally bought a pair of nice black flats but with adequate support.


I mostly had small plates throughout the day and then made us a salad, bed of cauliflower rice + sweet potato, turkey burger with spicy brown mustard, Grainger Co. tomato, and a pickle spear for dinner.


I snagged these with a coupon. Nostalgic as they remind me of cocoa pebbles!


I had them with a plum, Reginald’s Bourbon Pecan Peanut Butter for desssert. Mmmm


So sweet! Unfortunately, I took this at almost midnight. We did not get enough sleep. Whoops.


I saw this and matcha whole milk yogurt at Trader Joe’s and had to get both. This flavor is wonderful!


I’m looking forward to a much-needed haircut later. Have a great week!


Forever Young

This past Saturday was my 29th birthday – the last year of my 20’s. Yes, I think it’s a societal given that we dread each birthday because aging is viewed in a poor light. So even though it does feel weird to identify as a 29 year old, I am thankful for each new day and year that I am given. Alright, enough of that. Let’s take it back to Friday!

My view as Matt made his breakfast. I had a simple banana smoothie with chocolate hazelnut butter because I was planning to use my Chick-fil-a voucher for an original chicken biscuit later in the morning.


I got the babies this Ellen DeGeneres dog toy because it’s an owl, and I couldn’t resist. They sometimes give it love.


All ready for my birthday eve, complete with a Mason photo bomb!


It was really nostalgic. All of the employees were very sweet to me during my visit, so I called the manager later that morning to tell her they did a fabulous job. I hope it made her day and that she paid it forward with kindness to someone else.


We finished our pork, had some of our roasted vegetables, and the last of our almond flour muffins for dinner. I’ll need to make another batch of these soon!


That face! Gimme.


Dessert was a fruit and yogurt bowl with Qia cereal and peanut butter “ribbon.” 😉


For my birthday breakfast, I came up with this, and we executed it together. We used the last of our Alexia sweet potato tots and mashed them at the bottom of each of our ramekins. We layered sharp white cheddar, torn baby spinach, and seasoned scrambled eggs. Baked them until they were cooked through.





Mine flipped upside down and with a grapefruit half sprinkled with cinnamon. I also had a piece of toast with jam as these baked.


We were really happy with how they came together.


After I got ready, I met Kaci and the nail salon for a pedi and mani. Isn’t she adorable?


Getting my relaxation on.


Afterward, Kaci met with Drew to ride together downtown, and Matt met us there. We decided to have lunch at Not Watson’s.




Matt had the salmon entrée.


I chose the portabella and brie sandwich with broccolini instead of fries.


Drew had the chili mac sandwich. Mmm


Kaci chose one of their turkey burger creations with kale salad. We were all very satisfied!


We walked over to Cruze Farm’s new, permanent shop on Gay St.!


The décor is so cute!


I chose their lavender honey in a cone with sprinkles. Love sprinkles!


Strike a pose with your treat.


Kaci and I realized we failed to get a photo together, so here’s the next best thing! I didn’t think about it, but I used the Instagram edited photo, which made me even lighter. Next to Kase’s tan from the beach, and I look dead. Lol!


Sweet photo hanging up in the shop. All of the farm girls were so bubbly and sweet!


I made us a whole baked chicken with salad topped with cauliflower bean dip and citrus vinaigrette plus the last of our roasted vegetables.


I enjoyed yogurt and fruit out of the almost empty chocolate hazelnut butter jar along with cereal for crunch and peanut butter. Yum.


Our sweet boys ❤


I decided to make Kylie’s coconut flour pancake but given we don’t have coconut flour, I tried it with almond meal. Never know unless you try! It is two scrambled eggs, one mashed banana, cinnamon, and one tablespoon of almond meal. I cooked it in butter and drizzled it with maple syrup. I ate yogurt out of a nearly empty peanut butter jar. I hit the jackpot clearly.


Matt’s looked prettier.


I shared this for Father’s Day because it is one of my absolute favorite photos of my dad, Kaci, and me! I’m the one on the left. 😉


Matt took this while I was reading Mackenzie’s blog.


She shared the sweetest message for my birthday! If you haven’t, I recommend you follow her blog. She’s so fun and shares awesome food and adventures.


I was proud of myself because I did the dishes, vacuumed, scrubbed the toilets, and I completed a 30-minute online Barre3 workout before showering and grocery shopping. I snacked on a Clif bar, which did a nice job of holding me over for a bit.


Matt went with me to the store then we picked up his dad to head up to his mom and step-dad’s for the day.

My MIL took these photos of us. I did get into the pool up to my chest, but even though it read 85 degrees, it was way too cold for me.


I love his smile!


After wading in the cold pool some, I had this snack plate and Hint water.


Poolside selfie


Dinner included an open-faced hamburger with mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and avocado. Potato salad with gorgonzola and bacon from Ingles, coleslaw, and Bush’s Grilling Baked Beans.  I went back for a little more potato salad and coleslaw.


For dessert, I had some fruit…


and a messy, delicious s’more.


Before bed, Jax brought me a banana! But then he batted it off the bed. Boop.

Matt thought Mason needed a pillow, so he let him use the banana, and he actually laid his head on it. Sweet babies!


I want to wish everyone a wonderful week ahead.