Liquid Gold, Pot o’ Gold, All Things Green

Good morning! I hope you all had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day weekend!


Breakfast was a delicious combination of cheesy fluffy scrambled eggs over wilted spinach with warmed chai bread.


Kaci was so sweet and waited for me to hustle down to K Brew so we could see each other! I attend a monthly meeting that is held not far from their coffee shop, so I love to treat myself to a drink beforehand. Iced latte for me to celebrate the warmer temperatures! I wore my new maxi dress too, which I love.


Once at the clinic, I decided to take a SnapChat photo with my drink because why not?


Lunch included this meal along with two mandarins oranges. It was so enjoyable! I love gnocchi.


Once Matt was home, we enjoyed these “power bowls” for dinner that included brown rice, dark red kidney beans, roasted asparagus/’shrooms/garlic, and Chick-fil-a sauce plus crackers for crunch.


Dessert was a plate of “apple nachos” – drizzly pb, flax, and Love Grown Comet Crispies.



Hahaha I was rockin’ some awesome bedhead.


As cliche as it is, I had to make a spinach banana smoothie for St. Patrick’s Day. It turned out to be a pretty green color despite not having much spinach left!


Plus I had a Garden Lites blueberry muffin warmed on the side.


I made sure to wear my green. Matt was sweet and put new tires on my car at a shop he used to work at when we met. He balanced and aligned them too, and I really can tell a difference in how she drives.


Afterward, I treated myself to lunch at Vienna Coffeehouse. Their cafe is super spacious and cute!


I had to go with their Irish Creme latte and enjoyed it a little less sweetened, half caf, and using a combo of skim and whole milk. I swear I don’t try to be complicated, lolz.


A warmed caramelized onion and Swiss galette. So good! Flaky, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth perfection.


Plus a vibrant salad.


After grocery shopping, I took care of some chores around the house and then made dinner. Brown rice cooked in organic reduced sodium chicken bone broth with a little salt and roasted garlic, roasted seasoned green beans, frozen salmon burger with avocado.


These cuties know how to relax!


Dessert was a simple mug of Chocolate PB Cheerios with frozen wild blueberries, flax, and almond cashew milk.



Breakfast was in two parts and reminded me of our honeymoon bed and breakfast experience. ❀ I looked back over our album, and holy moly did we eat a ton of food, ha!

The first “course” was Bob’s Red Mill GF muesli soaked overnight with yogurt and milk and topped with jam.


My second course was a warmed waffle over wilted spinach with an over easy egg seasoned with bagel seasoning plus sliced avocado on the side.


Matt made a chocolate, pb, banana waffle sandwich with maple and yogurt. He gave me a bite, and it was delish.


One of my friends shared this recipe, and I immediately got up and put them together! I didn’t have a can of chickpeas, so I used Great Northern beans with my fingers crossed. They came out well!


The only other change I made was to omit the chocolate chips and used up our sunflower seeds, some raisins, the last of our dried blueberries + lemon almonds, and some crushed pistachios to make them trail mix cookies. The unbaked batter was so good. Macey got a small piece that I dropped, and his eyes lit up immediately. He’s such a foodie!


I quickly cleaned up the kitchen, showered, and met Kaci and Drew at their place. We went over to house right near their own that was holding an open house.

They just bought these cute cactus tops from Old Navy, so I wore my pineapple + avocado print one to coordinate. 😉


Love my girl!


One more for good measure.


The house is priced quite high per square foot, but it has so many amazing features! A teal sliding barn style door, immaculate kitchen, adorable bathrooms. It’s dangerous looking at these homes because I want one like this for Matt, the babies, and I so bad!

I snapped this gem of us in one of the bathroom mirrors. Drew’s photo bomb is awesome!


I made my sister-in-law’s latest recipe for Chocolate Cauliflower Muffins. I used 1 c almond meal with 1/2 c almond milk and the rest of the ingredients. They taste ah-mazing! I ate one straight out of the oven. Unfortunately, despite using avocado oil, they stuck on the bottom and fell apart quite horribly. *But* they’re still deeeelicious. Better luck next time!


For dinner, I put together this pasta dish that we really loved. I seared an Aldi Italian chicken sausage in olive oil until nearly cooked through before splashing in some organic chicken bone broth and covering with a lid. I removed the sausage, added more broth, sprinkled in cayenne/cumin/Italian seasonings, and then I let it simmer. I added some of our leftover roasted green beans, the sausage after I had cut it up, and lastly a bag of Bird’s Eye froze steam-in-a-bag zucchini lentil pasta. To finish, I drizzled our bowls with extra virgin olive oil and topped with freshly grated parm.


For dessert, I had Nature’s Bakery lemon fig bars with a puddle of pb. We’ve been bouncing between a show on Netflix called Shetland and a documentary on WWII. We watched part of an episode of the documentary and then called it a night.


Wishing everyone a wonderful day and week ahead!

Sprung Forward But Winter is Back

Happy Monday! So Matt and I could not fall asleep well last night at all, and I’m not sure if it was due to the time change or what the deal was. But here we are! I have two dietetic interns with me the next two weeks. I sure hope I do well by them. I just tell it like it is, try to teach them all I know, and I hope to give them valuable experiences. Now on to a fun weekend recap!


Friday began in the most delicious way. A sunny side up egg on wilted spinach with bagel seasoning, a warm home made muffin from the freezer, and cottage cheese with fresh grapefruit, cinnamon, and chia.



We were out of coffee (awful, I know!), so I went by Third Creek Coffee. Love this sign! We filter coffee not people.


Tried to be artsy. Lolz. I got a café au lait, and it gave me the boost I needed.


Also, I was apparently into a 70’s vibe last week, and I loved it. One patient said he hadn’t seen bell bottoms in forever, but the pants I’m wearing to the right are my fav!


Lunch was provided from The Brown Bag. I had their delicious salad with steak, roasted vegetables, roll, and corn pudding. So. Good!


I also had one of their brownies, which was gooey with chocolate chips. Yummm


Later on I snacked on this Clif bar that I received for free from Kroger a few weeks ago. Loved the almond butter center!


For dinner I made this awesome peanut roasted tomato chicken dish from the Food and Nutrition Magazine. I shared the recipe below. I used red instead of white onion, orange pepper instead of green, I used our leftover whole roasted chicken, and I served it over spinach cooked from frozen. It came together so easily and was amazing!



I lived it up and had a small mug of coffee with my evening snack.


Greek yogurt with frozen wild blueberries, ground flax, sprinkle of quick cooking oats, and a few roasted nuts.



Is that pink color not so pretty? I finally made stove top oatmeal with strawberries, chia, and ground flax and then topped it with my leftover chai sugar from the chai bread and roasted pistachios.



I wonder where Rachel is?


Sweet girl!


She just couldn’t deal with life at this moment. 😉


After a fabulous at-home Barre3 workout, I noshed on our leftover tri-bean blend, some of the corn pudding from our work lunch, and spinach with pepper, avocado, and Caesar.


I still had my leftover cheesecake form Elkmont Exchange, so I ate it for dessert. Left a few bites once I felt satisfied.


I ran several errands, which included getting my engagement and wedding rings cleaned and inspected. Mirror selfie.


I am always so amazed at how shiny and gorgeous they are! I love them; Matt was so sweet and found the perfect style for me.


I ate an apple and some peanut butter before heading home to unload our groceries.

This is how I take my day outfit to night, haha. Made a lovely mug of green tea and relaxed.


I found the latest Pioneer Woman magazine issue, and I wish I were friends in real life with Ree. She’s so fun! His and hers magazines.


I was really happy with how my throw-together meal came together. I combined sautéed zucchini, canned tuna, and the rest of our jarred roasted pepper sauce before tossing in cooked green lentil pasta. Topped our bowls with fresh parmesan. This meal was quite inexpensive too, which always feels like a win.


Up close and personal.


I was hoping to roast the last of our yellow potatoes, but unfortunately, they spoiled. I hate wasting food! So instead, I roasted green pepper, mushrooms, white onion, carrots, and mushrooms. We had plans to use this on Sunday morning.


My snack included the remainder of the peanut butter with yogurt, frozen banana, goji berries, and some Love Grown Comet Crispies.



Hello, gorgeous. I brought home some of the leftover steak from work, and we created a steak and eggs hash of sorts. I heated up the steak and veg with parmesan on top before adding my egg, toasted hash brown patty, and a mandarin orange.


All of these flavors and colors were so perfect together.


An interesting article was shared by Abby Langer discussing how anti-diet may be taken to the extreme by some. There will always be people at the extreme ends of a debate or belief, but Intuitive Eating and anti-diet is not meant to lose sight of the importance of nutrition. Instead, it shifts away from guilt, fear, and neurotic worry over food. This is a great discussion I had with Rebecca Scritchfield.

Jax is the best purr-sonal trainer!! He helped me through my workout as did Rachel. I love that I get to be with them with I exercise at home. ❀


Lunch included an Aldi lentil bean vegetable burger with avocado and siracha plus mushrooms dipped in Caesar. In high school, I loved mushrooms dipped in Ranch.


Dessert was an apple enjoyed with the last of the yogurt in this tub plus a sprinkle of chai sugar and drizzled peanut butter.


Baby Girl was so pooped.


I had to clean these boots before posting them for sale, and no sooner had I opened the box had Jackson decided to try it on for size! This kid and his love of boxes.


Dinner was really simple: spinach, cooked mixed vegetables plus green beans/was beans/carrots from frozen, the last of our chicken, tahini and turmeric for me, crackers.


Snack was Multigrain Cheerios, frozen grapes, chocolate Nutzo, and unsweetened vanilla almond milk.


It was snowing this morning, now it’s sunny, but it’s still freezing. C’mon spring!!

Friday Favs

Happy Friday!! Our weekend weather forecast looks so very dreary, so I’m trying to soak up all this sunshine today. Hope you are off to a great start! Here’s a list of some of my current favorites.

(1) This new shampoo and conditioner by Love Beauty and Planet. I had a coupon at Kroger, so I decided to try it. I’m funny in that I love routines but spontaneity, brand loyalty and trying new things. I now have two sets of partially used shampoo + conditioner in our linen closet because I keep trying a new brand. Lol. So far my hair really feels quite nice and full!


(2) Primally Pure Deodorant. I had been using Toms natural deodorant for quite some time but hated it. It hardly ever worked, but I didn’t know what brand to try. I don’t like wearing an antiperspirant because sweating is natural, and the aluminum is something I just want to avoid. This deodorant is amazing! Kaleight of Lively Table wrote about it in this post. It is pricy but worth every cent in my opinion.


(3) Everything by Faith and Company Boutique! I bought this dress, and I cannot wait to wear it!! Please hop on over to their website and browse their latest inventory. I guarantee if you buy something, you will be so happy with your purchase. Use this promo code at checkout: Spring15 – it will give you 15% off of your order!




One of my best friends manages the boutique and surprised me with these incredibly adorable earrings!! I’m beyond grateful for my sweet friends.

(4) Broadchurch. Matt and I are almost through the third season, and I love it! This show is so awesome. Funny thing is Matt found it, and I was all meh at first because I didn’t know if I wanted to start watching another series. I was hooked after the first episode.

(5) Orla Kiely. I drool over every. single. product. I bought a cute bag to use for pens and such in my work bag months ago, and now I want all the things!

(6) Elisabeth Fredrikkson art. Alexis posted about her artwork, and I immediately fell in love! If I could have a home full of this, Orla Kiely, and Pioneer Woman, I’d be a happy lady. Such a dream!

(7) Matt and I tried a new local pho restaurant, Pho 99. We split their classic chicken pho, and it was phenomenal! I can’t wait to go for lunch and try one of their banh mi sandwiches. Yum.

Wishing you all a fabulous day!


Weekly Meal Highlights

Good morning, friends, and happy Friday Eve! Let’s jump into some meals and snacks we’ve enjoyed that I hope provide inspiration to you.


Matt I enjoyed our last Wild Friends oat cups (tear) as a muffin, and we split one peanut cashew butter packet. I then topped mine with honey, and Matt topped his with jam.


Not to toot my own horn, but that egg looks pretty amazing. 😉 I only say this because I have struggled with cooking eggs and not making them ugly or accidentally popping the yolk! My “trick” is to cover the pan with a lid, turn down the heat, and allow the steam to cook the white. This bowl was amazing! I prepared quick-cooking oats with milk and water, salt, pepper, chipotle chili pepper, smoked paprika, and garlic. I then wilted in freshly torn spinach, melted in sharp aged cheddar, topped with an egg, and then sprinkled with everything bagel seasoning. I enjoyed a baby mandarin orange on the side.


I enjoyed a slice of chai bread with half of our Wild Friends peanut cashew butter packet along with cottage cheese and a banana.


I put together a lovely bowl of oatmeal that included milk, espresso salt, cardamom, vanilla, strawberries, poppy seeds (I always think of the Wizard of Oz!), pistachios, sweet cream creamer, & honey



I picked up a smoke salmon poke bowl from Aldi and decided to split it for us. I added the last of our seasoned cooked brown rice, yellow pepper, carrots, and sugar snap peas. I sprinkled each of our dishes with the seasoning, but the sauce is not GF. Matt was clever and combined a small amount of barbeque sauce with tamari for himself, and he said it was a really nice, tangy sauce that complimented the other flavors.


This photo turned out really bright. The mozzarella was glowing, haha. I made us open-faces tuna melts with hummus, spinach, tuna, & marinated mozzarella plus crunchy veg, crackers already eaten, & a Chobani Peach Smooth cup.



Would you look at that bird? I didn’t move it to a more presentable platter, but boy was it tasty! Funny side note: I failed to put it in a dish to thaw, so the juices leaked all over the bottom shelf of the fridge. Matt got home just after me, and he went right into cleaning mode. Husband of the year! He always has my back, even when I make a mistake. Anywho, all I did was combine fresh lemon juice with olive oil, salt free garlic seasoning, salt, and Italian herbs. I poured it under the skin then added low sodium chicken broth.


We enjoyed it with a simple green salad drizzled with Caesar dressing, a piece of the crispy skin, and Alexia seasoned sweet potato fries dipped in ketchup that was photographed.


After getting home from work on Wednesday, I took advantage of the sun and went on a nice walk. After taking care of some chores, I whipped up this quick meal. I first sautéed fresh red pepper in olive oil before adding a frozen medley of green beans, wax beans, and carrots. I then added steam-in-a-bag frozen seasoned cauliflower before topping with marinated braided mozzarella. Once plated, I added avocado and split a GF corn English muffin topped with pine nut hummus.



I only have one snack to share. This was my evening snack to celebrate National Cereal Day including an apple, cinnamon, roasted sunflower seeds, combo of Multigrain and Pb Chocolate Cheerios, dollop of Fage, and milk.


I hope this gives you some ideas for meals or flavor combinations to try!

Saucy Beef & Cabbage Saute



So often, some of Matt and my absolute favorite meals turn out to be the ones that we just threw together. Unfortunately, I don’t always remember to take process photos just in case it’s worth sharing as a recipe. This is the case here, but I still hope you will find it inspiring and perhaps will add it to your meal plan rotation soon!


Olive oil

1/2 red onion, peeled and chopped

1 8-oz container of button mushrooms, rinsed and wiped dry, chopped

Dried Italian herbs

Salt free garlic herb blend

1 lb lean ground beef (we used Laura’s Lean 92/8 ground beef)

Worcestershire sauce

Dijon mustard and prepared horseradish

Approximately 2 c roasted chopped cabbage

Approximately 1/2 c or more of roasted pepper sauce (we get ours at Big Lots; any fav sauce will do!)


Begin by heating your oil on medium in a medium-to-large sized skillet. Add in the onion, herbs, and spice blend. Turn down the heat a little to allow the onions to cook slower and caramelize. Once soft, add the mushrooms and cook for several minutes. Add the beef, Worcestershire, and mustard. Make sure to break up the beef into small pieces while it cooks. Once browned, drain the excess water and return to the eye. Add the cabbage, horseradish, and pepper sauce. Cover and simmer until fully heated through.

*We enjoyed ours with Alexia seasoned sweet potato fries. Matt said it smelled nostalgic to a sloppy joe, so it would absolutely taste amazing on a bun!

**Please let me know if you try it, and if so, what you think!

Movie Night / Mardi Growl / Down Dog

Happy Monday morning to you all! I hope you had a lovely weekend that was full of love, sunshine, and rest.


For a quick breakfast on Friday, I combined cottage cheese with quick cooking oats, a banana, cinnamon, and a small palmful of Pb Chocolate Cheerios.


This is how Jax relaxed as I sipped my coffee. Too cute!

Also, March is National Nutrition Month with this year’s theme being, “Go Further With Food.” My interpretation is that no one diet will fit all. Instead, discover what foods work best for your unique body and lifestyle, choosing to nourish it with a variety of healthful and fun foods.

Mason and I coordinated! Those big green eyes ❀

Hahaha pretty much. Growing older is such a dang gift, but I’m admittedly having to come to terms with turning 30 in June…


Dinner was quite delicious. We combined the chicken from our leftover pho from dinner on Thursday with seasoned cooked brown rice, roasted seasoned cabbage, bean sprouts, and hoison sauce + basil for me. Matt made a delicious GF tamari-based sauce for his bowl.


Dessert included an apple, Greek yogurt, and one Nature’s Valley pumpkin granola bar. We watched Wonder, and we both thought it was a really cute, feel-good movie. A few tears were shed.



I couldn’t ask for a better way to wake up on Caturday!


All of my loves.


I microwaved old fashioned oats with milk, cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, and frozen wild blueberries before then topping it with brown sugar and peanut butter.





I met Kaci and Drew at their place to carpool downtown for the 11th annual Mardi Growl parade. It was chilly but a gorgeous, sunshiny day.


This dog was so cute!


Sweet Axl in his Mardi Gras best.


There were a lot more people in attendance than we expected!


Drew didn’t know we were trying to take a photo, lolz.


Love! He needed some sunglasses.


The blooms are beginning to look so pretty around town.


Finally got a good group shot.


Action shot of us on the hunt for lunch. We sat on the patio of the Markethouse Cafe for approximately 30 mintues and were never served. They didn’t even bring us a menu or sliverware, but they gave Axl treats twice. We finally just left. How ridiculous.


We decided to go try the new Elkmont Exchange.


They have this lovely waterfall out by their patio seating area.


Axl and his mama. He was pooped and over his attire, ha.


I love their cute glasses!


We started with their plantains appetizer that included coconut whipped ricotta. They were very tasty.


I chose their Abrams Salad, which included sweet and spicy roasted tofu, medjool dates, roasted cherry tomato, edamame, toasted sunflower seeds, baby field greens, dressed with fresh mint, basil, and balsamic vinegar reduction.


Kaci went with their BLT: house-cured bacon, tomato, field greens, smoked gouda, tuscan vinaigrette, and herb mayo on a hoagie plus a side salad.


Drew had one of their sandwich specials with waffle fries. I snagged one fry, and it was really good. Nice seasoning and texture.


They weren’t necessarily considering getting dessert, but when I wanted to try one, they decided to get the brownie with chocolate turtle ice cream and Italian style marachino cherry. My bite was perfection.


I went with their cheesecake with a blueberry compote. I ate half and was satisfied. It was rich but not overpowering. Very tasty.


The inside is really gorgeous and open. The meat is hanging in a separate room, but they have glass up so you can see it all. One of my patients said they’ll take you back to tour it if you ask. Next time I will!


After doing laundry and other house chores, I whipped up this meal for Saturday’s dinner. I simmered one can of seasoned diced tomatoes with frozen mixed vegetables and some of our cooked cabbage. Once it was heated through, I served it with freshly grated parmesan on top along with marinated mozzarella avocado toast. Although really simple and a throw-together meal, we were both really satisfied with it!


Dessert included Greek yogurt, frozen fruit, chopped roasted nuts, and a combo of Multigrain Cheerios and Love Grown Cocoa Crispies.


We finally decided to start on the third season of Broadchurch. Love that show! We went to bed later, but both Friday and Saturday night we slept quite well overall.


I popped out of bed on Sunday morning to make Kylie’s chai bread. The only change I made was to make it GF. It came out so pretty!


I didn’t use all of the topping called for, but I saved it to put over top of oatmeal, which I’m really looking forward to.


I had a little photo shoot with this lovely loaf.


All sliced and ready to enjoy!


I made us fluffy cheesy scrambled eggs over wilted greens. Perfect combination.


After doing more chores and getting rinsed off and changed, I got outside on a much-needed walk. More spring blooms. Played around with a fun filter.

Once back home, I unloaded the dishwasher then had a light snack-y lunch of popcorn, apple, chocolate Nutzo, and hummus avocado toast. I didn’t want to be too full because I had a yoga class to attend.

The instructor who normally teaches this tone + sculpt yoga class was unable to, so two other ladies led the class. It was really fun because us participants were able to give suggestions for some of the poses and flow. It was an improv-style class, and I certainly got in a wonderful workout.

Once back home, I had a mug of all three cereals (couldn’t decide): Multigrain and Pb Chocolate Cheerios and Love Grown Cocoa Crispies with flax and goji berries. Are you one to mix cereals or do you like to choose just one? I love to mix them!


After a refreshing shower and yet again more laundry (almost all caught up!), I put together this meal. I didn’t take any of the prep photos, but Matt even suggested I share my “recipe”. Would you be interested even if I only have this photo to share along with some of the ingredients I used?


Dessert was simple of a banana in the almost empty yogurt tub plus peanut butter. We watched a second episode of Broadchurch then one of Bob Ross’ painting episodes. We went to bed too late, though. Whoops.


I’ll leave you with these adorable photos of the boys!

Happy week ahead!



Weekly Meal Highlights

Happy Thursday! I fully intended to share our weekend recap, but after a busy Monday morning followed by Mason’s follow-up exam that afternoon, I didn’t get a post written. Truth be told, I wasn’t in the best mood and also didn’t feel very inspired. I never want to write something unless I’m truly excited to share…like I am today! So lets get on with some meal inspiration for you.


Y’all, these oatmeal cups are just amazing. I soaked this one with Siggi’s vanilla yogurt, milk, and goji berries overnight then added the nut butter packet in the morning. It was incredible and filling!


I picked up some Bob’s Red Mill GF Quick Cooking Oats to make our scramblers with and to use for oat flour. In this bowl was oats cooked with milk, water, and spices. We split the last of our zucchini spirals tossed with roasted veg spread and parm, and boy were they an awesome addition! To complete my bowl, I melted in cheddah and topped with an over easy egg. Gimme all the drippy yolks.


One morning I had a Daisy brand (fav) cottage cheese bowl with one of my muffins and sunflower seeds. I split a grapefruit between us and sprinkled cinnamon on my half. It was so flavorful and juicy! Black coffee to give me strength and sanity. Unfortunately, I made it too strong, but I’ve now figured out the best coffee grounds-to-water ratio for my taste.


This morning I pulled a slice of homemade chocolate vegan banana bread out of the freezer and warmed it along with greens. I prepared two fluffly cheesy scrambled eggs with avocado to go with it. Perfection.



We ate the last two beet bean burgers on an O’Doughs thin GF bagel with wilted spinach, avocado, and Caesar dressing. Veg for crunch and mandarin oranges on the side.


I enjoyed the last of my chicken and rice from Chop House (we ordered out for dinner last Saturday) over greens with sugar snap peas, carrots, roasted veg spread, and warm bread.



I only have one dinner to share, but this one was so excellent! I used this recipe by Erin of Well Plated as inspiration. I caramelized half a red onion before sauteeing broccoli and tons o’ minced garlic. I then added 2 cups cooked seasoned brown rice, a can of cannellini beans, and a splash of water. Once heated through, I added freshly grated parmesan cheese and fresh lemon juice. More parm and avocado for garnish.



This evening snack included Greek yogurt, frozen fruit, sunflower seeds, and PB Chocolate Cheerios.


I love when food is nostalgic! I adore lemon, and I got my love of this flavor from my grandfather. My mom would bake him a lemon meringue pie every year for his birthday. As soon as I began eating it, I was reminded of him and his sweet smile. ❀


Matt and I love the texture of this bar. Soft and chewy without being too sticky. I love KIND bars (!), but they can be really crunchy or a chore to chew sometimes.


Clearly I am loving chocolate. No shame! Also, that’s my new Kauai silicone wedding ring. 🙂


Another evening, another portrait yogurt bowl. This included frozen fruit medley and wild blueberries, Love Grown Comet Crispies, and chopped roasted nuts.


As soon as Erin posted her recipe for Roasted Chickpea Snack Mix, I bookmarked it to make that evening. I roasted a can of organic chickpeas then tossed them with melted coconut butter (need to get more soon!), maple, cinnamon, espresso sea salt, and smoked paprika. After that roasted, I added mixed nuts and put it back into the oven. Lastly, I tossed in goji berried and Enjoy Life Foods chocolate chips. My middle name ought to be “impatient” because the chocolate melted given I didn’t allow it to cool enough. But I just had a bowl for my morning snack, and it was tasty!


I hope you saw something here that you’d love to make! If you do, then please drop me a line and tell me what you think!

Weekly Meal Highlights

This week has been quite delicious! I have shared several meals and creations that I hope inspire you all!


I had to get my paws on more Wild Friends oatmeal cups, and this one was oh so tasty. I soaked it with milk overnight and then heated in the microwave in the morning. Soaking the oats makes them even more creamy. I split the peanut cashew butter packet between the cup and over sliced apple.


Matt and I came up with this idea together on the night I made our beet bean burgers. We each reheated one over greens and then topped it with an over easy egg along with a toasted hash brown patty topped with melted sharp cheddar. I then had a clementine after I finished my plate. This meal was so full of flavor!


Toast two ways: cottage cheese and everything bagel seasoning on the left / Siggi’s vanilla yogurt, sliced apple, cinnamon, and peanut butter on the right.


I made a bowl of really fluffy savory oats using Bakery on Main Ancient Grains, equal parts milk and water, garlic herb seasoning, salt and pepper, smoked paprika, everything bagel seasoning, cheddar, fresh spinach, and an over easy egg.


Matt added frozen mixed vegetables, the last of our ham, and half a toasted hash brown patty to his. We traded a bite for a bite, and ohmygosh, his creation was so good!



This was a really satisfying lunch. I warmed ham and topped it on butter leaf lettuce plus mixed greens, carrots, sugar snap peas, and creamy Newman’s Own Caesar dressing. I enjoyed a slice of banana bread on the side. I try to work in some of our dinner leftovers as lunch, and we had creamy Imagine brand pumpkin soup two days. Sorry I didn’t take any photos!



Brittany’s spicy almond meal-coated baked chicken is going to become a staple in our home! We enjoyed it with freshly grated parmesan but didn’t add the marinara this time. On the side included a simple salad of butter leaf lettuce topped with crunchy pieces from the pan as croutons (so good!) and creamy Casear, Alexia mashed cauliflower, steamed vegetables and beans, and an O’Dough’s bagel thin split between us.


Matt was hesitant to say this at first because he was afraid it would sound bad, but he said the flavors together reminded him of Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich. I love that it did, and when he said that, I realized he was right! It brought up a really funny memory for me. When I was in junior high, Kaci, our mom, and I were on our way back from the lake house and went thru the Wendy’s drive-thru for dinner. I can remember ordering the spicy chicken sandwich and having to down so much water because of how hot it was. Loved reliving that, all from this meal!


I love Modern Table Meals products! I took their lentil pesto flavor and added frozen mixed vegetables, a can of cut asparagus spears, about 2/3 a can of wild caught salmon, and freshly grated parmesan. I enjoy using their product as a starting point and then adding a variety of other items, which also extends the servings. This looked like pasta primavera, which was quite appropriate given it felt like spring/summer on this day.



Kroger’s free Friday download was for Hershey’s Gold. I had never heard of it before, so naturally, I needed to try it. 😉


I enjoyed two pieces with Greek yogurt, frozen wild blueberries, and a handful of Chocolate PB Cheerios.


When I opened our tub of vanilla Siggi’s, there was a recipe underneath the lid for Maple Almond Butter Muffins. I decided to use our chocolate Nutzo in place of the almond butter, and I used Bob’s Red Mill GF higher protein flour this time. However, I realized it was a mistake. Their one-for-one baking flour substitutes perfectly for all-purpose or wheat, whereas this apparently requires either xantham or guar gum. I’m slowly learning more about baking, especially when it comes to making GF. They’re still moist on the inside! But they’re odd, so I’ll need to try again. As they say, you win some and you lose some.

I hope everyone has an awesome Friday Eve!

A Little Dose of Vitamin D

I truly hope this post finds everyone doing well on this Monday! I went into the weekend with some plans/expectations but also with an open agenda and mind. I ended up having an amazing Saturday and Sunday with plenty of rest, enjoyable movement, and delicious food.


I already shared my breakfast in my last meal highlights post, so no food to see here. 😉 I wanted to share this cute screenshot because it’s sooo true in our home!


This. It is short, to the point, and oh so powerful. As someone who can get stuck on numbers, I still need to be reminded.


I had leftover pasta from Valentine’s for dinner while I waited for Matt to get home. He went to SC on Thursday until Friday to help his boss who had purchased the inventory from a business of a gentleman who was retiring. I then made a delicious mug of tea and settled in to listen to a podcast.


I’m slowly adding some to my library. Here are the ones I plan to listen to soon!

For dessert, I had apple, yogurt, cinnamon, and pb. We watched an episode of Broadchurch, and then we got an awesome night’s sleep.



Given how gross and rainy it was, Saturday proved to be the perfect day to sleep in. I got up and fed our sweeties around 6:00 and then slept until 8:00 I think! I felt so good. I made a delicious egg sandwich complete with this awesome seeded bread from Aldi, mashed roasted garlic, mayo, smoked paprika, fried egg, melted cheddar, and pan-wilted greens. The rest of my apple from the night before with cinnamon on the side.

Another awesome message. I’ve been using hers as my phone home wallpaper. 🙂


I found this new coffee at Kroger, and I know you’re supposed to grind just before brewing. But this was so convenient, and so far we love the Guatemala roast!


Our Wild Friends oatmeal cups arrived! I ordered the pb cashew version this time and was able to do so with a 40% coupon. Score!


Sweet Mason was all of us with this rain.


Jax loves any and all boxes!


After my Barre3 workout at home, I showered and had this quick lunch. Fig Honey Triscuits, sugar snap peas, carrots, yogurt in a tahini jar, and a clementine for dessert.


After my very sweet hair stylist cut my hair, I ran a few errands and then made my way down to Awaken Coffee.


I had my eye on their chocolate covered cherry latte. I got it half caf, and it was wonderful!




Dorky selfie to show off Nancy’s magic. She knows my hair so well and does such a fabulous job!


I snacked on organic popcorn with mixed nuts, which was an awesome combo.


For dinner, I threw together this mix: sautéed broccoli pearls (on clearance at Kroger) in olive oil with Italian seasonings, garlic herb seasonings, and pepper spice blend. I added frozen mixed vegetables, organic canned lentils, the last of our cooked seasoned brown rice, and the last of our Aldi pumpkin vinaigrette. Was different but good!


Nancy gave me two Hershey’s Truffle Kisses, so Matt and I each had one after dinner. Macey wanted one!


But then he settled on loafing, ha!


For dessert, I enjoyed thawed fruit with cottage cheese, pb, Love Grown Comet Crispies, and Multigrain Cheerios. We watched two episodes of Broadchurch. It’s getting so intense!



I again volunteered to feed the babies their early breakfast. Unfortunately, I couldn’t fall back asleep, and Matt woke up too. But we just relaxed for a bit before getting ourselves downstairs for breakfast. I brainstormed this oatmeal before going to bed, and it came together so well! One packet of Bakery on Maine Ancient Grains Oatmeal with half a baby food pouch of carrot/apricot/pear, milk, and ground ginger. After heating it, I added frozen wild blueberries and finished cooking it. I added chopped roasted nuts, splash of creamer, espresso sea salt, and brown sugar. The chopped nuts made all the difference. Usually I’m lazy and just add them whole, but chopped is the way to go.

I couldn’t believe my eyes: the sun came out finally!!!




I participated in Simi’s live chat on her private Fb group, Beautifully Imperfect. I love the amazing group and how supportive everyone is!

One more screenshot. I found this account, and it’s so positive!


I made Kylie’s thick and soft pb cookies.

Before they were baked.


After! Per her recommendation, I let them cool and sit for six hours.


Here is my new frame for Kylie’s artwork that I proudly displayed at my bedside table.


I was SO fortunate to be able to attend one of Real Hot Yoga’s free classes! They just opened their second studio and offered several classes all weekend. I took their 90-minute hot yoga, and I was dripping in sweat. But it was so rejuvenating and needed. Post class photo. I represented my Body Over Mind tank!


I treated myself to lunch at WF hot bar. I chose two mac ‘n cheese varieties, garlic green beans, shredded beets and watermelon radish, something that I cannot remember what it was called, and goat cheese chicken. Unfortunately, the chicken was dry, but my meal hit the spot.


I went by Wal-Mart and picked up my online order. I got Pioneer Woman’s stacking mixing bowls, and are they not gorgeous?! Each has a different solid color inside.


I also got us a new dinnerware set, and I’m in love with it!


I showered and then enjoyed my bp cookie with milk…out of a Tito’s vodka mule mug. Ha! Do yourself a favor and make this cookie asap.


I had to get out and enjoy the sunshine! I walked for about 45 minutes before coming home and washing our new dishes and doing some prep for today.


Here they all are stacked nicely in our cabinet. 🙂


Dinner was quick, simple, and tasty. Greens with Caesar, steamed vegetable medley that includes three types of beans, ham, and Alexia’s frozen mashed cauliflower on our new plates!


For dessert, I enjoyed apple topped with organic popcorn, raisins, and tahini. It was such a fun combo! I had a small bowl of yogurt with cinnamon on the side plus a dried fig. I was a hungry one.


It’s going to be oddly warm this week, so any day it’s not raining, you bet I’ll be out on walk! Make it a good one!