Nutrition Nerds Unite!


I have been fortunate to attend my first Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo this year! It’s being held for the first time in Nashville, and my thesis research abstract was accepted for a poster presentation. I have so much to share that I plan to publish several recaps.

My friend and I have been lucky to experience this together. We found a cute cottage on Airbnb that has served us well thus far. Before leaving town on Friday, I enjoyed a rosemary scone with a lemon glaze along with a whiskey latte at The Blue Mason.


It was incredible!

We got in on Friday evening and then arrived by 8:00AM sharp at The Music City Center on Saturday morning. We checked in and recieved our badges then attended one late morning session.

I do want to note that I forgot to update my information to reflect my new employment status, so it should state Renal Dietitian rather than Consultant.
I do love fashion and wanted to document and share my outfits. I absolutely love fall clothing!

I used Google Maps to locate a lunch spot, and we decided on The Jam Coffeehouse. It’s a fun café with a 1950’s vibe that we both just adored.


My scrambled eggs, pesto, Dubliner cheddar, & avocado sandwich was perfect as was my unique cardamom-spiced latte lightly sweetened with local honey.

The book was
The book was on incredible women over the last 100 year, so of course I had to find Lucille Ball’s entry.

We went shopping at Blush Boutique, and I found a really cute pullover sweater along with two camis before returning to the center for the opening session. Upon coming back to the cottage we finished doing a little grocery shopping then ate a nice meal before turning in for the night

| Sunday |

Old Mill Bread Co. Montana sourdough roll with goat cheese + local honey / cinnamon raisin pb & a glass of milk


Today has proven to be a ton of fun but very exhausting! We visited the expo where so many food vendors were present and providing a tremendous amount of samples and goods. Below I just would like to share many of the photos I snapped. I will add further detail once I return home!

image image image

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image


All of my goods so far!
Registered Dietitians = Value without a doubt

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