FLOW A Brew Parlor


After wanting to try FLOW A Brew Parlor for weeks upon weeks now, I finally made my way down there this afternoon! It’s located in downtown Knoxville right on West Main Street. I love the patio seating, but it was just a little too chilly to sit outside today.


I love that they have made use of the entire space, including these cute pillows on the marble ledge around the windows. It was so nice because the sun was shining at my back.


There are so many great options that it made it difficult for me to choose which drink I wanted.

image image

I decided on a pour over and ordered it as a cafe au lait, and I enjoyed how it was served. I got to play barista, if you will, and make my own at the table.


I also treated myself to a turkey wrap, which was excellent! The turkey was thick and well-seasoned, and the tomatoes were bursting with juicy flavor.

image image


They have unique wall art hung throughout the cafe.


I love the rich, dark gray on the walls, and the tables and chairs were a great contrast. Isn’t this door fun?


I thoroughly enjoyed myself and look forward to my next visit!

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