Noshing & Painting



On Wednesday evening, Kaci and I met up after work for a lovely dinner at Holly’s 135. The staff at one of my clinics organized a get-together at Painting With a Twist downtown, so Kaci and I knew it be perfect to have a twin date!



Of course we had to get a few pictures together. 🙂


I decided to try their creamy cauliflower soup, and I love that it was served in a mug.


For my entrée, I chose their spinach and mushroom quiche with an artichoke, greens, tomato, onion, and caper salad. I saved about half, and I’m going to be enjoying it with scrambled eggs for a quick dinner after training at the Y tonight.


Kaci enjoyed a small Caesar salad for her starter and then had the Hollyhock quiche.


We were going to order dessert, but someone earlier in the day had ordered all that they had in stock! The waitress was oh so incredibly sweet and presented us each with a free dessert voucher when she brought our bills! It was such a lovely gesture.


Afterward, I made my way just a few store-fronts down to the painting event.


I didn’t bother taking any progress photos, but here’s the final masterpiece. It’s supposed to be the Smoky Mountains. No worries, I won’t quit my day job! As always, I reminded myself to just go with it and not get caught up in worrying about perfection. It’s quite abstract, but most importantly, I had fun.

Here we are only one week away from Christmas Eve! I still cannot get my mind around it. I hope you all are having a wonderful day so far!


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