Going Green


For St. Patrick’s Day! I hope y’all wore your green. 😉


We began our day with green pancakes topped with berries, peanut butter, and maple syrup + amazing coffee.


Up close and personal.


It absolutely hit the spot.


For lunch, I made a pretty awesome salad topped with a veggie burger from Aldi, Dasani black cherry sparkling water and a tangerine.


Before dinner, we noshed on an appetizer of rice cake with eggplant spread for myself and toast with the spread for Matt.


I got a little help from my friends, aka Whole Foods, and I bought corned beef from their hot bar. I did, however, roast a large pan of red potatoes + carrots, and I cooked down onion, cabbage, and onion in low sodium organic chicken broth from Aldi.



Only once have I ever brined my own corned beef and cooked it completely from scratch using Alton Brown’s recipe. It sure was rewarding but time-consuming!


*Quick wedding update* We have made what feels like a ton of progress this week: booked our videographer, made the bridal party dress appointment, I’ve already scheduled my dress alteration appointment, I’ve been speaking with an officiant, and we’re meeting with event rentals. I’m getting so excited!

I hope everyone had a wonderful day!



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