Cruze Farm Pop-up Milk Bar! + Some Weekend Highlights

All great weekends start with local ice cream!


On Friday, I met Kaci and Drew downtown to enjoy a scoop of the best ice cream! Cruze Farm announced that they would be opening their own pop-up milk bar for two months, and I knew I had to be there the first night they opened. They were busy from the time they opened until the time they locked their doors!



Friday’s weather was toasty with a side of bright sunshine, so ice cream was just what I needed. 😉 The only trouble was with deciding which flavor to get!


Ultimately, Birthday Cake was calling my name, and upon my first bite, I knew I had made the right choice. Mmm. I also bought one of their large milk bottles that we’ll be using as our reception centerpiece vase!


Kaci enjoyed their TN Snappin’ Turtle in a cone while Drew had a classic chocolate milkshake.

One of the sweet Cruze Farm girls gave me a sample of their Lavender Honey milkshake, so I tried a few spoonfuls of it. It was so bright in flavor from the lavender, which I love. Perfection.


As I was walking back to my car, I came across this sign in front of Rala. So cute!


To quickly backtrack, before meeting them downtown, I got to stop by her place to feed our babies. She has them right now, and anytime I can see them, I seize the opportunity! They are all such characters. After I fed them, they were happy as can be.

Once I got home on Friday evening, Matt and I put together a quick but tasty dinner.


We piled sauerkraut and sauteed cabbage on spinach with cucumber, roasted pumpkin seeds, avocado, mixed vegetable tapenade, and pan-cooked orange roughy.


Matt got up very early on Saturday morning because he and his dad planned to drive to VA to purchase an enclosed car trailer that he found recently. I woke up to the 5:30 alarm but in no time had fallen back asleep. Unfortunately, I was asleep when he left. I wished I could’ve gone, but I decided it would be a great trip for father and son. 🙂

After enjoying my simple yogurt / berries / muesli / banana muffin breakfast, I made my cuppa joe and did some lovely porch sittin’.


Shutterfly is awesome and has sent me several useful coupons/deals, including free return address labels. I decided to order them at a whopping $3.27 cost to me for shipping. Now we’ll be set to send ‘thank you’s’ after our wedding. =D

I also took the time to sweep off our patio and finally update our chalkboard.


All together


Once I was ready, I made my way to K brew to treat myself to one of their awesome wraps. Kroger’s free Friday was for one bottle of Bai, so I tried my first one. It tasted good overall. A tad sweet, but it was perfect for sipping on all afternoon.


I met up with Kaci, and she and I then took sweet Axl to the dog park. He’s so adorable! When I first got to Drew’s, he was so excited to see me. I love my pup-nephew.


He is so well-behaved and loves meeting new doggie friends!


Kaci and I both wore fun tanks. I chose my new Finding Dory while she sported her Lil Bub. Tank game was strong. 😉


It was a very successful afternoon because Axl was absolutely pooped when we left! He had to be between his mama and his aunt.

For dinner, I made a delicious scrambler using leftover roasted vegetables, spinach, tapenade, cheddar, avocado, peppers, and an egg.


After a much-needed shower, I made my dessert: broiled cinnamon grapefruit topped with chocolate chips + a vanilla chai latte.

After a good night’s sleep, I rolled out of bed just before 8:00 on Sunday and decided I was in the mood for oatmeal.

For lunch, Kaci and I along with Drew met up with our godparents. They are two of the sweetest people you will EVER meet! It had been far too long, but I always cherish our time together. We chatted for nearly four hours, and even still, I wish we could’ve stayed longer. Matt just got back into town when I left to head home. I wish he could’ve had lunch with us, but this just means another date has to be made soon!

I went by his dad’s, where they parked the trailer, to check it out.


It needs some good old fashioned TLC, but I love it and am so proud of Matt for finding it! Unfortunately, our towing vehicle at this time is his dad’s Excursion, and it has a bad valve. Matt explained that this means it needs a new engine. Ugh. But Matt’s racing mentor and our friend has offered to tow us this weekend to GA for his race. We have amazing friends!

Dinner was the last of our leftover grilled steak warmed with melted garlic herb cheese on top plus sauteed zucchini, squash, and red cabbage.


I hope everyone had a lovely weekend as well! Best wishes on the week ahead.



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