New Beginnings

Happy Monday! That’s a little bit of an oxymoron, huh? I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. On Friday, we had a nice work potluck-style lunch to celebrate the June birthdays, which included myself and these two other sweet girls.


Cierra and I were work twins with our new scrubs and pixie haircuts!


I took Mason in for his second round of chemo on Friday afternoon. They had to sedate him because he was too nervous, but he did well otherwise. We were told he is responding well so far. Here is the latest update on our GoFundMe page: If you would like to donate or share, please help spread the word!

I took him to Kaci’s so he could be separated from Rachel and Jackson given the chemo medications in his system. For dinner, we had the last of our cooked vegetables, rice-stuffed grape leaves, avocdao, and chicken. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much left. Whoops.


I had Fage with a banana, peanut butter, and chocolate covered almonds for dessert.


I was up early on Saturday morning and made this omelet myself. However, I couldn’t flip it and ended up putting it back in the pan, splitting it. and gently moving the turkey/cheese/spinach filling so I could ensure the egg was cooked well. Keepin’ it real, ha. I’m not great at flipping eggs. I completed it with part of a red plum and avocado toast.


*Side note: Saturday was my dad’s 63rd birthday, and while I couldn’t be there to celebrate, I wanted to give him a shoutout for being the best, most supportive dad ever!


I got ready by 9:30, which is kind of a record for a Saturday. But I hadn’t had coffee and was heading to K brew, so the perfect motivation!


I had my heart set on trying their new Banana Creme Latte: real pureed bananas, Cruze Farm milk, signature espresso, and topped with whipped cream and vanilla wafers. Heavenly! *Another side note: I was sitting across from who I came to believe was some sort of personal trainer. She was speaking with a client on the phone, and it made me so sad. Her obsession with calorie counting, manipulation of one’s body, sole focus on weight loss. It was all wrong. But it makes me even happier I have become a non-diet RD!


The title of this post refers to Kaci and Drew purchasing their first home! This ah-dorable gem has been renovated over the past several months, and they closed on it Friday afternoon. They spent the weekend moving a great deal of their belongings into it, and I was thankfully able to meet up and help some on Saturday.


We all made a Target run, and then Kaci and I went to Trader Joe’s. I had to get these. They just screamed my name, and they’re delicious.


Karin found this as she was organizing some of her photos. She had taken this for me in their backyard on June 29, 2013 – almost four years ago! – as a headshot for my portfolio. I loved seeing it!


I brought Mason home and made us a simple salad, rice, and baked flounder for dinner.


Dessert included, you guessed it, Fage, strawberries, the rest of my plum, Qia cereal, and roasted nuts.


For breakfast on Sunday, I had toasted waffles with melted brie, avocado, roasted seeds, wilted spinach, and fresh strawberries. After enjoying my coffee, I took care of chores and completed a 40-minute online Barre3 routine. Loved it!


I sported my new shirt from Target and did some grocery shopping as well as shoe shopping at DSW. I finally bought a pair of nice black flats but with adequate support.


I mostly had small plates throughout the day and then made us a salad, bed of cauliflower rice + sweet potato, turkey burger with spicy brown mustard, Grainger Co. tomato, and a pickle spear for dinner.


I snagged these with a coupon. Nostalgic as they remind me of cocoa pebbles!


I had them with a plum, Reginald’s Bourbon Pecan Peanut Butter for desssert. Mmmm


So sweet! Unfortunately, I took this at almost midnight. We did not get enough sleep. Whoops.


I saw this and matcha whole milk yogurt at Trader Joe’s and had to get both. This flavor is wonderful!


I’m looking forward to a much-needed haircut later. Have a great week!


Forever Young

This past Saturday was my 29th birthday – the last year of my 20’s. Yes, I think it’s a societal given that we dread each birthday because aging is viewed in a poor light. So even though it does feel weird to identify as a 29 year old, I am thankful for each new day and year that I am given. Alright, enough of that. Let’s take it back to Friday!

My view as Matt made his breakfast. I had a simple banana smoothie with chocolate hazelnut butter because I was planning to use my Chick-fil-a voucher for an original chicken biscuit later in the morning.


I got the babies this Ellen DeGeneres dog toy because it’s an owl, and I couldn’t resist. They sometimes give it love.


All ready for my birthday eve, complete with a Mason photo bomb!


It was really nostalgic. All of the employees were very sweet to me during my visit, so I called the manager later that morning to tell her they did a fabulous job. I hope it made her day and that she paid it forward with kindness to someone else.


We finished our pork, had some of our roasted vegetables, and the last of our almond flour muffins for dinner. I’ll need to make another batch of these soon!


That face! Gimme.


Dessert was a fruit and yogurt bowl with Qia cereal and peanut butter “ribbon.” 😉


For my birthday breakfast, I came up with this, and we executed it together. We used the last of our Alexia sweet potato tots and mashed them at the bottom of each of our ramekins. We layered sharp white cheddar, torn baby spinach, and seasoned scrambled eggs. Baked them until they were cooked through.





Mine flipped upside down and with a grapefruit half sprinkled with cinnamon. I also had a piece of toast with jam as these baked.


We were really happy with how they came together.


After I got ready, I met Kaci and the nail salon for a pedi and mani. Isn’t she adorable?


Getting my relaxation on.


Afterward, Kaci met with Drew to ride together downtown, and Matt met us there. We decided to have lunch at Not Watson’s.




Matt had the salmon entrée.


I chose the portabella and brie sandwich with broccolini instead of fries.


Drew had the chili mac sandwich. Mmm


Kaci chose one of their turkey burger creations with kale salad. We were all very satisfied!


We walked over to Cruze Farm’s new, permanent shop on Gay St.!


The décor is so cute!


I chose their lavender honey in a cone with sprinkles. Love sprinkles!


Strike a pose with your treat.


Kaci and I realized we failed to get a photo together, so here’s the next best thing! I didn’t think about it, but I used the Instagram edited photo, which made me even lighter. Next to Kase’s tan from the beach, and I look dead. Lol!


Sweet photo hanging up in the shop. All of the farm girls were so bubbly and sweet!


I made us a whole baked chicken with salad topped with cauliflower bean dip and citrus vinaigrette plus the last of our roasted vegetables.


I enjoyed yogurt and fruit out of the almost empty chocolate hazelnut butter jar along with cereal for crunch and peanut butter. Yum.


Our sweet boys ❤


I decided to make Kylie’s coconut flour pancake but given we don’t have coconut flour, I tried it with almond meal. Never know unless you try! It is two scrambled eggs, one mashed banana, cinnamon, and one tablespoon of almond meal. I cooked it in butter and drizzled it with maple syrup. I ate yogurt out of a nearly empty peanut butter jar. I hit the jackpot clearly.


Matt’s looked prettier.


I shared this for Father’s Day because it is one of my absolute favorite photos of my dad, Kaci, and me! I’m the one on the left. 😉


Matt took this while I was reading Mackenzie’s blog.


She shared the sweetest message for my birthday! If you haven’t, I recommend you follow her blog. She’s so fun and shares awesome food and adventures.


I was proud of myself because I did the dishes, vacuumed, scrubbed the toilets, and I completed a 30-minute online Barre3 workout before showering and grocery shopping. I snacked on a Clif bar, which did a nice job of holding me over for a bit.


Matt went with me to the store then we picked up his dad to head up to his mom and step-dad’s for the day. After wading in the cold pool some, I had this snack plate and Hint water.


Poolside selfie


Dinner included an open-faced hamburger with mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and avocado. Potato salad with gorgonzola and bacon from Ingles, coleslaw, and Bush’s Grilling Baked Beans.  I went back for a little more potato salad and coleslaw.


For dessert, I had some fruit…


and a messy, delicious s’more.


Before bed, Jax brought me a banana! But then he batted it off the bed. Boop.

Matt thought Mason needed a pillow, so he let him use the banana, and he actually laid his head on it. Sweet babies!


I want to wish everyone a wonderful week ahead.

My 28th Year in a Nutshell

While my 28th year was full of some high highs and some not so fun experiences, all-in-all I can say it was by far the best year of my life. Of course my wedding is number one in terms of my memories, but growing closer to Matt, facing challenges, and growing stronger in my work as an RD have all been amazing. I wanted to do a little recap of sorts with photos highlighting this past year, starting with my birthday to the present. Thanks for following along on my little blog!

June 17, 2016


Race weekend at the beginning of July!


July 4th by the pool.


Shopping for Matt’s wedding band!


Found my mother’s wedding dress, and it fit. ❤


October 22, 2016 ❤ ❤


A quick photo together before we left for our honeymoon on October 24, 2016 bound for Asheville, NC!


The adorable bed and breakfast, The Lion and the Rose, that we stayed at.


First day of exploring and eating!


Cheers! His smile {all the heart-eye emojis}


Got dressed up for dinner at an all gluten free restaurant, Posana.


More coffee of course. 😉


Posing in the b&b gardens.


We thought it was hilarious that this sign had my maiden name listed on it, so I had to strike a pose.


We both visited Biltmore for the first time.


All of the food, and we ate a ton, was outstanding. There are too many dishes to share for the sake of space/length of this post, but here are just a few dishes that stood out to us.


We visited Max Patch twice in one day! The colors were breathtaking. This looked like a painting to us. We went back later to watch the sunset.


It was stunning.


Thanksgiving 2016


We did a cat photo shoot with our babies, and I am forever grateful for these photos! Matt was a sweetheart and wanted to be included too, so there are several adorable ones of him with our babies.


Kaci and Drew’s engagement at Max Patch late November 2016.


Posing with the future Mrs. Snider!


Christmas 2016 as The Daniels – it’ll never get old to say that.


New Year’s!


Right before we dug into our lobster feast.


Our first trip together to TX to visit my parents! Airport selfie.


My handsome dad and gorgeous (step)mom.


I adore this photo and am grateful that Karin took it for us!


The day that Kaci chose her wedding dress!


K Brew twinklet date with Axl Rose.


First race weekend of the year at VIR!


One of the many Barre Belle Yoga classes I took with these fabulous ladies.


Another twinkie date.


Easter 2017 sporting my new and favorite glasses.


Matt’s 34th birthday. Gah he looks so handsome and not even 30 to me.


Kaci and Drew’s engagement party.


First summer day at the lake house!

SnapChat filters keepin’ me young.

Here’s to an awesome year ahead, the last in my 20’s!

Our First Lake Day + A Mason Update!

Mason continues to amaze us. His appetite is really improving, such that we have not administered tube feed since Friday! We are having to take him in the have the site cleaned and a new bandage placed this evening, and he has his next appointment for treatment is this Friday.

This photo was taken on Wednesday evening when Kaci was still staying with us. We went out on a neighborhood walk together, which I absolutely love. Just before finishing my work day, I received a call from the Animal Hospital that Mason tested positive for the deadly feline virus, FIP. I broke down crying before I made my way home. I called to ask the doctor some questions and was told he would return my call. A little while later I received a call from a tech that stated the wrong result had been given. She apologized and said Mason was NEGATIVE. I was so so relieved but furious that the wrong information had been given. Even still, it put things into a bit of perspective. Kaci and I both breathed a sigh of relief and were thankful it was *just* cancer, which is an oxymoron. But at least we have a treatment plan!



For breakfast on Friday, I had one each avocado toast and toast with orange marmalade plus fluffy scrambled eggs.


A dorky ootd photo for ya.


I was able to listen to one of the latest podcasts that Kylie participated in, which was really enjoyable.

After I got my mid-point hair trim (always makes me feel better), I snacked on this yogurt and made my way home.


I had stopped at Kroger for a few things, one of which was their free Friday product: Pure Leaf tea. They were also on sale for two for $4, so I bought two flavors.


Dinner was leftover roasted cabbage and zucchini with seasoned chickpeas, vegetable chips, and we split the above tea.


For breakfast on Saturday, I had simple oatmeal with chia, sunflower seeds, cinnamon, and milk then topped with peanut butter, a banana, and a May photo bomb.


We then packed up some food and headed out to the lake house! I tried one of LaraBar’s newest product after we arrived. Love it!


So gorgeous and peaceful.


Posed at our altar. Matt didn’t want to reveal his farmer’s tan. Lol


Some selfie fun 🙂


Axl couldn’t find his ball as it was bobbing in the waves, so Drew had to rescue it. In doing so, Axl wanted on the float and popped it. Hahaha it was hilarious to watch!

I had also snacked on cheese and grapes earlier and then made this light late lunch. Avocado and chickpea toast, wilted greens, vegetables.


Matt and I split this and thought it was the best of the two.


When we were about to turn onto the highway, I saw a tick crawling on my seat. I opened the door, and Matt flicked it away. On Sunday, I found a baby tick on me. Gross!

We got back home, and Mason prepped Matt’s stomach for dinner with his biscuits. ❤


Superman paws!


Dinner included meatloaf topped with jalapeno ketchup, brown rice, and baked zucchini. Jax-loaf.


Kase gave me two TJ’s Mocha Joe’s to try. I had them with Fage and frozen wild blueberries. This was delicious. We watched two episodes of Gotham then called it a night.


Our snuggly sweet girl.


I enjoyed my Kashi sweet potato flakes out of this nearly empty peanut butter jar for breakfast on Sunday. I spent the day dusting, vacuuming, taking out the trash, washing laundry and dishes, grocery shopping, and meal prepping. Phew.


Girlfriend was so cozy!


Lunch was thick slice of toast with ricotta, avocado, and Everything But the Bagel Seasoning plus vegetables, grapes, and then a handful of dark chocolate covered almonds.


I fit in a 10-15-minute online Barre3 workout as dinner cooked. Was a little proud of myself. I tried getting a bottle of red wine, but Aldi and Kroger both don’t sell alcohol on Sunday. I think it’s a really silly rule/law. Anyway, I marinated two pork tenderloins in Newman’s Own Citrus Dressing then pan seared them in our iron skillet. Once the oven was preheated, I roasted them for 20 minutes before setting them aside to rest. I sautéed onion, mushroom, and garlic in the skillet then reduced white wine. Served with Alexia’s sweet potato tots and a salad. It turned out so well! We both cleaned our plates.


Although it was late, I had a Lil Bub mug of Fage, tahini, and two pecan salted caramel cookies. Hit the spot then I hit the pillow. haha


But not before love from all our babies!


I hope everyone has a great week! This marks Kaci and my birthday week with us turning 29 on Saturday. Hard to believe we’re so close to 30, but here’s to another fabulous year. 🙂


Not Your Typical Food Blog Post

Forewarning: This will be a long, rambly post. I want to first say ‘thank you’ to each and every person who has shown us love and support these past few days.

Last week I shared that Mason hadn’t been feeling well or acting like himself. He was lethargic, kept to himself, and he was hardly eating. We also noticed his cute pink nose was pale and that he was running a fever. Starting Saturday night/Sunday morning at the end of May, he began getting sick. I was all over the place with wanting to take him back to the vets while wanting to avoid any more stress on him. By Wednesday night, though, I realized we had no choice. I took him back on Thursday morning, and the walk-in vet clinic referred me to their affiliate vet who could do much more in-house. They ran a complete blood panel as well as did X-rays on his abdomen. Later that afternoon, the vet called with the results: most of his blood work looked unremarkable except for high calcium, high WBC count, and anemia. The X-ray was also obscured by something, so again we were referred but this time to the Animal ER Hospital. I left my meeting and flew over there to get him. Our next plan was for an abdominal ultrasound. I waited in one of their exam rooms for the ultrasound tech to complete the test. Results showed he had ascites from his liver as well as what was determined to be a UTI. I was devastated. I did not keep it together. They allowed me to see our sweet boy before I left. I cried the whole way home. Matt made our dinner while I showered.

Friday morning I went to Maker’s Donuts for a free donut and had taken a photo. Later I deleted all food photos because I had no desire to document them. I didn’t care. The doctor called to discuss the results from testing the fluid. He reported that it looked “suspicious”, which made my heart sink. The oncologist would be looking at the cytology liver sample, they would complete a urine culture and cancer blood panel (this was later cancelled), and lastly run a test for SIP. SIP is a fatal feline virus that some cats are susceptible to. I left work after lunch and went to see him. The doctor waited to tell me in person that they are very certain we are dealing with lymphoma in his liver as well as a UTI. My head was spinning. Just two to three weeks ago he was healthy, happy, and he showed no signs of cancer. Now I was sitting with a doctor discussing a tube feed placement and chemo. I called both Kaci and Matt, who agreed we were going to fight like hell for Mason. The placed the e-tube and started his chemo on Friday. He also had begun antibiotic treatment for his UTI.

On Saturday, I spent around 4.5 hours just sitting and cuddling with him. My heart could’ve exploded with love and pride. He’s been so brave this whole time. When I had to leave quickly to use the restroom, he hid under one of the chairs. He “popped” out when I returned and wanted to be held. A nurse came in to walk me through a feeding. Afterward, they had to take him back for fluids and another ultrasound. I again left crying.


Look at that face ❤ ❤


Thankfully, the doctor called on Sunday morning to say he was ready to come home!! I ate breakfast, downed my coffee, threw on some clothes, and I went about 80-90 mph across town. Two sweet nurses walked me through his feeding and medication schedule as part of the discharge summary. He slept the whole way home but sat up when we turned onto our road. Matt was so so happy to have his boy home. He was pooped and slept under the bed for the afternoon. Kaci came over and was amazing and helped me organize his schedule. It’s just going to become our new normal for a little while.

I fed him twice yesterday and then this morning. I let him walk around if he wanted to since the feeding takes around 20-30 minutes total with water flushes and meds included. I woke up around 4:30 this morning and immediately got out of bed to check on him. I woke Rachel and Jackson, who thought it was breakfast time. Whoops. Mason came to me and hopped up to lay on my chest in bed. He then spooned against me before settling on my pillow. Matt woke up at 5:45 and saw him there, and we were both thankful. He’s showing interest in eating, but it’ll be slow process. He just laid underneath the lower rack of my clothes in our closet, and I fed him.

Rachel got distracted during breakfast by a spider hanging from the ceiling. Yikes! Gah she’s so cute. She is upset at Mason because he smells different. Whenever one of the boys gets home from the vets, she’s upset. Little diva. Jackson is doing well and spunky as ever.


Going forward, our plan is to take Mason in every three weeks for an outpatient chemo treatment. He’ll then get to stay with Kaci so that the medication won’t harm Rachel or Jackson. I’m waiting to hear back regarding the SIP results. I hope to god they’re negative. Please say a prayer if you pray or think positive thoughts for him. As incredibly angry as I am and as upsetting as a lymphoma diagnosis is, we’ll take this and fight over SIP. Again, thanks to all for the support.

Just For Fun

The idea popped into my head this morning to do a fun poll of sorts, asking to choose your favorite between two similar foods or beverages. 🙂 The bold face ones are my choices, but I know there’s a time and place for all! It definitely was hard to choose a few. I’d love to know of your selections!

Biscuit vs. cornbread {Such a tough choice! But I love classic cornbread.}

English muffin vs. toast

Pancakes vs. waffles {The pockets serve to hold more toppings, and waffles are versatile with savory or sweet. I suppose pancakes could be too!}

Garden salad vs. Caesar salad

Coffee vs. tea

Creamy salad dressing vs. vinaigrette {I love a good creamy dressing, but a vinaigrette doesn’t mask the greens or vegetables.}

Hot oatmeal vs. overnight cold oats {I love how doughy soaked oats become!}

Chocolate vs. vanilla {I love a quality vanilla bean! But chocolate is so satisfying too.}

Peanut butter vs. almond butter {Peanut butter is my spirit animal.}

Any other foods you can think of to compare? Have a great day!

Memorial Day Weekend 2017

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all those who have lost their lives defending this country. Matt and I originally planned to spend it at the lake house, but the weather made us decide to postpone. I’m glad we did because Mason hasn’t been feeling well. Please send all your good vibes that he’s 100% better soon!

Friday began with one each sweet and savory waffle. Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter, Van’s Honey Nut Crunch, Fage on a Van’s GF apple cinnamon waffle / cheddar, avocado, egg, everything but the bagel seasoning on a Kashi GF waffle.


I decided to treat myself to an herbal tea latte and these adorable pb&j’s from K brew for lunch. I ate one with carrots and felt satisfied, so I saved the second. They leave off the jam and allow you to choose one of three flavors. 🙂

For dinner, I made us each a big salad dressed with Caesar.


I then sautéed butternut squash “noodles” and topped our servings with the remaining meat spaghetti and parmesan.


Jackson practicing yoga! We each had our after-dinner snack/dessert, watched an episode of Gotham, and we got some sleep.


I made another Hello Fresh meal for our brunch. Polenta with blistered tomatoes, Italian sausage, and basil. I kept half the tomatoes and sausage to be used in a scrambler tomorrow morning.


Kroger’s Free Friday product was International Delight One Touch Latte. It is actually quite enjoyable!

While I completed my stretches and exercises, Rachel kept me company.


I had the second pb&j sandwich with carrots before showering.

Crappy lighting throughout this post due to the overcast weather (sorry!), but I had to wear a little red/white/blue.


I took our sweet boy to the vets, and they noted he did have a slight temperature, was a little dehydrated, and he definitely has been fighting something. They gave him fluids, a one-time dose of antibiotics, and pain pills. They went ahead and gave him one while we were there. Once home, I made a snack plate/second lunch.


Mason perked up and actually ate! Unfortunately, when Matt got up to feed them Sunday morning, he found where Mason had gotten sick. 😦

Our friends Rippy and Van came over Saturday evening, and we watched Gold together. It was a pretty good movie!

On Sunday, I made morning-overnight oats. 😉 I pulsed old fashioned oats and mixed them with half a bottle of Chobani smoothie. Topped with peanut butter, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and banana.


I went on a lovely walk, and these roses caught my eye. So vibrant and pretty.


Weekends seem to be for small lunches/snack plates.


Fage Crossover Blueberry Acai, complete with poor lighting.


After Matt and I gave him another pain pill, he started to once again perk up and want to snuggle and eat.


I decided to get us a puzzle to work on, and while the selection was limited, this reminded me of my grandmother because of the hummingbirds.


❤ ❤


Another delicious salad to start dinner.


Quinoa, sautéed sweet potato “noodles” with roasted pepper spread, roasted seasoned broccoli/onion/garlic, sautéed shrimp, reduced white wine. I love how Jax is looking up to Matt!


We enjoyed our late dessert while working on the puzzle. Sit around during the day, stay up working on a puzzle. Typical. Haha


So snuggly.


Sadly, Matt and I woke up around 3:45 this morning to Mason getting sick again. I will be taking him to the vets after work to get his blood drawn and tested. I hate when one of our babies feels bad!

I actually made overnight oats with the remainder of the Chobani smoothie.


Grainy Memorial Day outfit.


Fingers crossed for Mason!! Hope everyone has a great day.

A Hello Fresh Review

A few weeks ago, Drew gave Kaci a coupon to use Hello Fresh. She in turn gave me a coupon. We received three meals, and I made our first yesterday evening. Kaci did give us one of hers last week because she had just cooked salmon and received a salmon meal. It was tasty, but I over-seasoned the fish. Cook’s error. 😉


I chose to make the pork, eggplant, and yellow squash stir-fry. Here were the ingredients individually bagged for this dish. One plus over Blue Apron is that they note gluten free on their recipes, although they do not specifically cater to certain dietary needs. Even with this being listed as such, I did not use the soy sauce provided because no where did it state it was wheat free. So I used our tamari.


Kaci came over, and we chatted for so long that I did not have time to make the brown rice that came with the meal as it would’ve taken 35-45 minutes. Whoops. So instead, I used a 90-second pouch of brown rice. Also, I decided to warm an Asian frozen vegetable medley to stretch the meal from two very generous servings to four that suited our hunger levels. This worked for us, but you do whatever works for you!


I apologize for the poorly lit photo, but it was getting fairly late. Matt and I thoroughly enjoyed the meal but added dried pepper spice blend for more heat. I’m going to breakdown our thoughts into a few categories using a ranking system, 1 being poor to 10 being excellent.

Creativity: 5 – While the dish was enjoyable, it was not very creative. It seemed like a standard stir-fry.

Ease of preparation: 10 – Chop, sauté, add flavors, voila.

Quality: 8 – The ingredients looked good, but the eggplant was just a tad tough and wrinkly on one side. Not a big deal, but I just noticed this.

Price: 4 – Considering we used a coupon and added additional vegetables that gave us more servings, this would be ranked higher. But looking at it from the full-price standpoint with no additional ingredients and eaten as a two-person meal, this is way too expensive.

Conclusion: If you’re looking to jazz up your meals at home, get ahold of a coupon and give Hello Fresh a try! If you already cook quite a bit and feel you are managing your food budget, then this may be too costly. But the good news is you can skip however many weeks you want and just order when needed. For instance, you have family or friends coming over, so you could place an order, make a few meals, and everyone could try some of each. Maybe there’s a special event that calls for a nice dish. Hello Fresh could help with this. But on a regular basis, this just doesn’t fit our budget.

I hope this has been somewhat helpful. Please feel free to share your thoughts on any meal service company you have tried! I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!