Recent Eats

Hello beautiful people! I hope your Friday Eve is off to a wonderful start. Mine has included a delicious breakfast I’m sharing in this post, hot coffee, kitty snuggles, and a gorgeous sunrise.

First up is this amazing savory breakfast I made on Tuesday. Matt and I split our remaining carrots and onions that were made with the beef roast, and we heated them over spinach with cheddar. I topped mine with a sunny side up egg sprinkled with bagel seasoning.


On the side, I had this delicious cinnamon frosted wheat cereal I will share about in my post tomorrow.


Instead of having waffles on Wednesday, I had a sandwich filled with cheddar, wilted spinach, avocado, and an over easy egg plus half of a cara cara orange on the side.



This morning I had amazing overnight oats made with a packet of Nature’s Path GF instant oats soaked with ground flax, milk, and cottage cheese. I put it on top of mango with sweet hummus on top.


I made Erin’s applesauce muffins on Tuesday, and my gosh they are delicious! They’re the perfect staple muffin recipe that can be left as is or dressed up, such as adding cream cheese and chai sugar on top. They’ve been fabulous either way.


Mason wanted one! I gave him the first bite, don’t worry. 😉



For lunch one day, Matt and I enjoyed roasted garlic green beans, roasted sweet potato rounds, and a Hilary’s hemp and greens veggie burger. I was able to snag two boxes on sale plus with a coupon. Score! We love these.


Lastly, we had a lovely spaghetti dinner one evening. Instead of a green salad, I made a plate of roasted green beans, marinated artichoke hearts, radish, and pine nut hummus.


No matter how I prepare GF rice-based pasta, it becomes mush. Sigh. But the vodka pasta sauce simmered with mushrooms and topped with parmesan was tasty


I hope you all have an awesome day! I’m getting my hair cut later, and I’m really looking forward to it. I love having a fresh pixie. 🙂

The Mountains Are Calling and I Must Go

We had such an awesome weekend! I’m going to backtrack to Thursday to share our attendance to the Judah and the Lion concert. It was epic!


I absolutely loved this oatmeal creation. I soaked a packet of Ancient Grains instant oats overnight with milk and water then heated them in the morning. I topped with warmed berry/cherry/pom blend, swirled in cream cheese, and finished with sunflower seeds and  vanilla sweet hummus.


That evening we met Drew and Kaci at the Food Truck Park for dinner before walking over to the concert venue. Drew ordered from the hibachi truck.


Kaci and I split a Mediterranean chicken wrap and chicken pita. The pita bread was so doughy. Yum!



Matt chose the loaded tater tots again but added pulled pork and beef brisket together.


Love my girl! We dressed twinkle-like.


Such a gorgeous couple!


I, of course, had the best date ever. ❤


Kase took a portrait of us. 😉


During the concert I snapped these two gems. Love being goofy!



I didn’t take any photos but did take a few videos. They ended with ‘Sweet Tennessee’ and Rocky Top. They hold a special place in my heart because we chose ‘Sweet Tennessee’ as our reception introduction song. It’s been our alarm song ever since!


I started Friday morning with my leftover biscuit from Scrambled Jakes warmed with melted cheddar and an over easy egg plus wilted greens, avocado, and everything bagel seasoning. I ate half the biscuit and all the toppings and was full, so I saved the other half to go with jam for a snack later in the morning.


I tried this Chobani flip cup for an afternoon snack and really enjoyed the flavor. Love me some pie pieces!


Dinner was leftover roast and then kitty snuggles followed.

Dessert was a carob cauliflower rice muffin in yogurt with pb and an apple.



I finally soaked oats and almond milk with ginger, cinnamon, and clove in our nearly empty local honey jar. I split it between us and heated it through.


Topped mine with berry mix and sweet hummus.


After getting ready, I had the last of our salmon pasta with the addition of roasted asparagus plus Havarti avocado toast.


I met Kaci and Drew at their place to join them for a hike. I had checked the mail before I left, and my Lyla Taylor Boutique earrings had arrived! Kath wrote about this boutique on a recent blog post.

Since they were still getting ready, I decided to go down to the Pearl on Union to get a treat. The owners of Old City Java and Wild Love Bake House just opened this cafe. It’s super bright and pretty!



I got an iced half caf latte that was so refreshing.



I flipped through this catalogue while I sipped on my Joe.


Then it was off to House Mountain! We hiked here in November, and it was so nice to be back.

I also got myself a salted chocolate sable from Pearl on Union that I ate before we started.



I decided to join them last minute, and Matt already had plans to clean out the garage and work a bit on his car. But next time we’ll all go!


Our brave guide pup!













Panoramic shot ❤


Once I was back home, I whipped up this dinner. Sautéed baby kale and spinach topped with organic tri-bean blend, broccoli slaw, ‘shrooms, artichoke hearts, mini pepper, Chick-fil-a sauce (obsessed), and Kaci was so sweet and gave me this local Tellico Grains pecan cranberry bread. I topped it with cream cheese and more pecans because it was National Pecan Day.


Dessert was yogurt, banana, and pb.



I had breakfast in two courses, starting with a sunny side up egg over mashed avocado with everything bagel seasoning and the last of the cran pecan bread.


Next “course” was yogurt, fruit, and pb. I didn’t quite finish the yogurt, so I saved it for later.


I participated in an Instagram contest and won a variety pack of RX Bars, and I was so excited to receive this message!


I sported my new earrings to meet Kaci and Drew for brunch!



The husband of one of Kaci’s fun friends is a chef that holds pop-up brunches at several cafes. He held brunch and a giveaway at Honeybee.

I enjoyed a half caf whole milk vanilla latte.


Kaci had a brown sugar iced latte. Love this letter-board!


Drew enjoyed a cold brew with the short ribs and grits.


I had the last smoke salmon tostada that was fabulous!


Kaci chose the sweet potato apple bacon hash topped with an over easy egg.


They were so sweet and gave Kaci a complimentary avocado toast with watermelon radish and bacon!


After grocery shopping, I enjoyed the rest of my yogurt with a new cereal I found. I’ll share it on my Friday Favs + Finds post!


We finished the roast with freshly roasted sweet potato and green beans.


Dessert was so good! Herbal tea with raw honey along with apple, last carob cauliflower muffin, and roasted nuts.


Today is gross and so cold, but maybe, just maybe, spring will be back for good! Make this week a great one!

Weekly Food Highlights

First up is this lovely vegetarian power bowl I put together one weeknight for dinner. It included organic canned black beans and steamed green beans seasoned with garlic herb seasoning and cumin. I simply split a 90-sec brown rice pouch from Aldi and topped our bowls with fresh radish, avocado, salsa, roasted rosemary garlic onions, and green siracha once we sat down to eat.


We enjoyed the remainder of our seasoned black beans and some of the baked onions with avocado, radish, 1/3 each of the 90-sec brown rice pouch, green siracha, and yellow pepper for dinner.


Another evening I quickly put together this meal after getting home from an evening spin class. I prepared this Modern Table Meals pesto pasta according to the directions and then added fresh spinach, warmed steamed green beans, and fresh parmesan.


As a belated RD Day and National Nutrition Month celebration, our awesome RD’s met at Scrambled Jake’s for brunch. I had seen one of my best friends post about them, so I suggested we dine there. I think everyone loved their food! We tried this incredible cinnamon roll and buttery flaky biscuits to start along with coffee.



I chose their roasted beet salad with fuji apples, feta, candied walnuts, eggs, and champagne vinaigrette.


This morning I enjoyed two Van’s GF Ancient Grains waffles toasted and served over a bed of wilted baby kale and spinach. I melted Havarti and added pine nut hummus on one for a savory twist while I layered thawed fruit, chia seeds, maple, and tahini on the other for a sweet creation.


We were really happy with how this turned out for a quick dinner! I cooked a box of Annie’s Homegrown GF mac ‘n cheese following the instructions for using Greek yogurt instead of milk. I then added one steam-in-a-bag of frozen carrots and peas plus part of a can of a wild caught salmon. It stretched out the servings and tasted awesome. A simple greens and avocado salad with Caesar on the side.


Tell me in the comments about any fun meals you’ve made or enjoyed recently!

Spring, where did you go?

So apparently spring decided it would just wait a little while longer to finally arrive for good. We actually had some slow flurries on Saturday, and it disgusted me. I want warmth and sunshine! Thankfully, it looks like both are in our upcoming forecast.


I started my Friday with a slice of chai-spice carrot banana bread heated in the skillet, and it smelled like French toast. Mmmm. I removed the cream cheese frosting before adding it to the pan to prevent it from burning. I had an apple with pb on the side along with a glass of milk.



Rachel had the right idea.


For lunch, I enjoyed steamed mixed vegetables with our leftover Easter lamb and a champagne vinaigrette leftover from brunch on Thursday. Chobani blackberry on the bottom plus two cuties were for dessert.


Before I went to a Barre3 class, I had a slice of Aldi organic honey oat toasted then drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and seasoned with salt, pepper, and dried Italian herbs. I had a slice of provolone on the side for protein. It worked wonders because I felt really good all throughout the class!


Once home, I made Matt and I each a salad including greens, southwestern rice and quinoa mix, avocado, salsa, yellow pepper, freshly shredded cheddar, and frozen vegetable mix including lima beans, peas, carrots, corn, potatoes, green beans, and okra.


Once showered, I made a turmeric golden milk latte. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out as well as my last several. Oh well, you win some and you lose some.


After my stomach settled from the latte, I had a small mug of PB Chocolate Cheerios with some sliced bananas from the freezer and a dollop of Greek yogurt.


This is how Rachel relaxed on my lap. She’s such a character!



I had plans to meet some friends from work at their CrossFit studio, so I got up earlier than usual for a Saturday and had a slice of toast with pb, banana, and chia.


I had the remainder of my banana with the last of this yogurt tub sprinkled with chai sugar.


I took this after we completed our workout. I had a blast!


Here’s the sweet group of ladies who I work with.


I partner with both Andrea (in the red t-shirt) and Amanda (in the middle) for class. We did singles on jump rope, so it was divided in half to give us a double jump rope score of 313. We rowed for 103 calories, completed 69 burpees, and we completed a number of “cleans”/”snatches”. Each of those four exercises was done in a 7-minute interval with a 2-minute break. When one partner wasn’t doing the exercise, they had to hold a weight above their waist. It was intense but rewarding.


After class, I enjoyed my free RX Bar from Kroger’s Free Friday Download program. Love this flavor!


I got showered and then took Matt and I each an Aldi frozen mediterranean chicken, quinoa, sun-dried tomato meal over to his dad’s to eat for lunch. I had an Aldi truffle for dessert. He worked on his car and finally has all of the body work completed from his wreck on the track last October!


I had to go out to west Knoxville to get Rachel more of her special prescription food, and then I did our grocery shopping at Kroger. I couldn’t resist getting more coffee. The weather was horrible!


After getting home and putting everything away, I fed the babies then had an apple with Aldi’s dessert hummus.


Jay helped me with laundry, and when I sent this photo to Matt, Matt replied with his car waving back like Jax. Too cute!



I had never roasted radishes, but I saw a friend’s post recently, so I decided to roast the last of ours. They were delicious!


I piled a bed of greens with carrot ribbons, sautéed broccoli pearls, baked seasoned onions, tuna, avocado, mini pepper, sliced Havarti, the last of our champagne vinaigrette, and corn chips. I discovered while making this that Mason also loves carrots. He always cracks us up and amazes us with what he’ll beg for and eat!


Dessert included thawed berry/cherry/pomegranate blend with Multigrain Cheerios, Love Grown Comet Crispies, roasted sunflower seeds, pb, and milk. I also had a caramel that I lightly warmed, and it hit the spot.



I got up early on Sunday too, which was nice because I was able to get a jump start on cleaning later that morning. I cooked a packet of instant Ancient Grains oatmeal with plenty of milk and water to make it fluffy. I added dried ginger and vanilla extract then topped with it half a banana, pistachios, sunflower seeds, and raspberry fruit spread.


For lunch I had a salad with an Aldi veggie burger.


For dessert, I had a carob cauliflower crumbly muffin from the freezer over top yogurt with a cutie and tahini drizzle.


I finally did some deep cleaning throughout our place, and my gosh some of the dust. I was rather ashamed. I cleaned off our bathroom vanity light fixture, dusted, vacuumed, did laundry, and washed dishes. It always feels good to go into the week with a clean home!

I enjoyed this slice of bread with pb, the second half of my banana, nutmeg, and raisins.


Kaci and Drew came over and got to hang out for a bit! The babies and I loved visiting with them.

Matt got home right after they had to leave to grocery shop, and he got started on our dinner. While he was preparing our amazing meal, Jackson and Rachel piled onto my lap. He snapped these two photos, which is rare for Rachel to be calm with Jackson right there. So stinkin’ cute!



Matt and I have been craving a roast for a looooong time, and we finally made it a reality. He cooked it in a Reynold’s roasting bag with Bob’s Red Mill GF all-purpose flour, spices, and beef bone broth plus onion, whole carrots, and parsnips halved lengthwise. Oh my word the gravy was heavenly. Well, the whole dang plate was! He roasted red potatoes and green beans on the side, and we tossed them with fresh squeezed lemon juice. Lemon can do wonders to vegetables and really adds a bright flavor.





Of course Mason wanted some! He and Rachel each got a baby bite of the meat without the gravy. He was a bad baby earlier, though. Matt left the meat out in the package to thaw, and Mason broke through the plastic and was gnawing on the raw roast. Then I was a moron and after transferring it to a gallon ziplock bag to sit in a water bath to thaw, I briefly ran upstairs. It was just long enough for him to grab the bag, and as I came around the corner, he was jumping down with the almost 2.5 pound bagged roast. If I wasn’t upset with him, I wanted to laugh. He’s so cute even when he’s mischievous!


For dessert, I had an apple with some Chocolate PB Cheeriors and a small amount of yogurt.


Today is still going to be chilly and rainy, but our forecast is looking promising! I hope you all have an awesome week!

Twinsy Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!! I hope you all had a wonderful week. Here are a few things that both Kaci and I have been loving lately. Let me know of some of your current favorites!

(1) First up is this fun and lovely guidepost by Brene Brown. It would make a fabulous wallpaper on your phone for a daily reminder!


(2) I had a coupon to try Method bar soap, and I couldn’t resist trying their body wash as well. Both lather well and smell so good!


(3) Kase and I love Pixi, and recently she’s added more to her collection. We both have been using the Vitamin Wake Up Mist, and she now has their Hydrating Milky Mist and Glow Tonic.


(4) Kase snagged these sunnies with a 20% coupon from Target by a A New Day. They are so fun and unique!



(5) I know I’ve shared my office boards several times, but I added my blog “business card”, our initial + last name, and one of my fav sayings.



(6) I honestly forgot I had this adorable teacup necklace that I bought from a local vendor, and it matched my Faith & Co. Boutique dress perfectly! I’m also loving the morning spring sunshine.




(7) Our Lead RD surprised us all with this fun mug, and I love it!



Have a fabulous Fri-yay!

Easter Weekend 2018

This past weekend was everything I’ve been needing. My heart feels so full, and I am so excited to share the foods we enjoyed and the fun we had, and I hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well!


So this was sort of a success and sort of a fail. Lemme explain. I was going for a lemon blueberry oatmeal, but I was clearly too tired to think straight. I added the lemon juice to the milk, muesli, and oat mixture, but um…milk + lemon juice basically makes pseudo buttermilk. Note to self: cook the oatmeal then add in the lemon juice. Otherwise, it was tasty. I topped it with honey, sweet cream coffee creamer, and pistachios.


Kaci gave me one of these to try, and it was very good! I love their fig bars, and they created a fun take on a brownie.


As soon as I saw K brew post one of their newest drink offerings, I planned to get one in the afternoon. This is the Scruffy City: latte with house made mocha syrup, peanut butter, and topped with a sprinkle of chocolate. It was just as perfect as it looks and sounds!


I feel so fortunate to have won the Kitchables giveaway! Our double-wall insulated latte glasses arrived along with a complimentary coaster. Aren’t they cute?


I felt like completing a Barre3 home workout, and when Matt got home, he jumped in and did about the last 10 or so minutes with me. I loved it!! I now am trying to convince him to do a full workout with me one day soon. 😉

For dinner, we had spinach, sautéed broccoli pearls, and sardines drizzled with a citrus vinaigrette. I had the last waffle toasted and topped with avocado. I loved this simple combo!


We each had a bowl of Imagine Soups Super Greens soup.


After showering, dessert included Fage plain Greek yogurt with thawed tropical fruit blend, and ground flax.



I kept breakfast on the lighter side because we had plans to finally check out our new Knox Food Park. An old filling station was converted into a lot where food trucks can park, shut off their engines, and serve. Really neat! This was yogurt with cinnamon, vanilla, and cardamom plus banana and pb. Macey wanted some!


I also had a lemon blueberry muffin.


Once ready, we had to take our typical photo out front. Check out that gorgeous sunshine! The day was beautiful.


I live for capturing these photos. Matt thinks I’m a dork, but it cracks me up to get these of him. I need to create a mini book of all of them one day, ha.


I loved all of the gray and turquoise throughout the food truck park!! Matt immediately noticed it too.


I ordered from Forks On The Road and chose their bean and grain veggie burger sliders with mashed avocado, spinach, and instead of spicy mayo I asked for their fig jam. The bread was so so good! Soft, doughy, and flavorful.


Matt ordered from Taste O’ Texas and enjoyed their loaded tater tots with beef brisket, cheese, jalapenos, and bbq sauce plus a side of their cilantro lime slaw. He gave me a few bites, and man oh man do they know their bbq!




I only had a small mug of coffee at home because I wanted to try a cold brew from The Coffee Run.


I asked a sweet lady to take our photo, and I really adore it! The sky + turquoise backdrop along with my sweet husband just makes me really happy. My top is by Faith and Co. Boutique, and I’m obsessed with it and all of their inventory!


The lady was doubly sweet because she offered to get another close-up shot. Gotta love when you ask a woman to take photos – they always know to take a few. 😉 Matt’s not a huge fan of my shades, but check out that reflection.


Here are the old fill-up stations still at the park. I thought they looked artsy.


Check out this mural – so fun!


Just up from the park Matt spotted this brewing company who has an owl on their emblem. He knew I’d want a photo. He knows me super well!



This is also so bright and fun. You can’t read the lyrics, but it’s from the song Big Rock Candy Mountain. I didn’t know that, so Matt started singing it, and I was dying. I played a clip from YouTube, and he sounded just like it!


Our next adventure was a hike at Ijams. Got another shot, ha!



We thought this formation looked really neat.



We browsed their gift shop, and my wallet was in the car. This was a good thing because there was a number of cute things I wanted. Must practice restraint, but one day I want to make these when we find our first home. I can just imagine cute baby succulents living their best lives in honeycomb shadow boxes like this.


This hallway is so bright, and I love the wooden beams. You can’t tell very well, but the piping is a pretty blue color. Matt helped me take this to get the best angle. My blog contributor!




I just loved this when I saw it and had to share!


We drove around in the country for about two hours and stumbled up on this house built around a trailer. So funny! No telling what you’ll find on an afternoon drive.

Kaci text and asked if I wanted to join her for a mani/pedi. My nails were in desperate need of TLC, so while I hadn’t planned to spend the money, I decided it would be the perfect end to the day.


I did the powder dip for the first time and think they turned out well! I love a good neutral and then went with bright toes.


I’m thankful for a husband who is willing to eat vegetarian some days and is still appreciative of simple meals. This included spinach, 90-second southwestern rice quinoa pouch, frozen veg blend of peas/carrots/green beans/lima beans/celery/okra/potatoes/corn, salsa, and freshly shredded cheddar that was then lightly warmed together.


When I went to wash my face, I realized I had burned slightly. {faceplam} I’m out of the habit of wearing sunscreen, but I’ll have to start wearing it daily!


Dessert was, you guessed it, Fage plain Greek yogurt with some frozen berry/cherry/pomegranate blend, tahini, and a sprinkle of muesli.


Easter Sunday


I got up early to make Alexis’ chai-spiced carrot banana bread with cream cheese frosting and pecans. I had a simple bowl of yogurt with the frozen berry blend and pb drizzle.

My first time trying my coffee out of a Kitchable glass. I love how hot it kept it while protecting my hand. Matt and I love them!


Check out this odd carrot. Hahaha. Mason’s appetite was on fire! He wanted any and everything. He even begged for this. Ray was forcing Jax to bathe her in the background. Such a diva. 😉


Straight out of the oven without the frosting yet.


Our loaf in all its glory!


I didn’t check it with a toothpick, so had I, I would’ve baked it a tad longer. But I loved how moist it was. I used Bob’s Red Mill’s 1-for-1 GF flour and chose to use maple syrup instead of sugar as Alexis details in the ingredients. I went upstairs while it baked and didn’t think about the toasted pecans I’d left of the cutting board to use for the topping. Mason decided to taste test them. He was a little rascal!


I made our roasted asparagus and fingerling potatoes for dinner then made our deviled eggs following Anne’s recipe. Look how pretty the yolks are!


All ready!


I completed a Barre3 workout while Matt and the babies hung out with me. Rachel just snuggled in his lap while I sweat, stretched, and exercised. I think she was rubbing it in, lol.

Lunch was leftover roasted spiced sweet potato and green beans with tri-bean blend, roasted sunflower seeds, avocado, and rice crackers. Matt and I split an apple for dessert. I had my half with cinnamon, and he had his with pb.


We finally loaded up and made our way to his parents’ for the day. I love how this photo turned out! My dress and earrings are also from Faith and Co. Boutique. I looove maxi dresses.


Matt and his momma.


Kaci rocked her gorgeous maxi for the morning church service! Aren’t they adorable?


She later got a photo with Axl, and she sneakily taped a spoon of pb to the phone. Check out his focus! We’re a pb loving crew.


I enjoyed a slice of the frittata that Diane had made in the cast iron skillet that morning. So good! I also had one half of my deviled egg.


Dinner came together beautifully. We seasoned a lamb steak with Tandur bbq spice blend then cooked it in the iron skillet. Roasted rosemary thyme organic fingerling potatoes, roasted asparagus topped with roasted garlic mashed into lemon juice, crock pot ham and pineapple, au gratin potatoes that Diane made, and a simple salad plus the other half of my deviled egg. Nearly all of the recipes Diane made were from Ree of The Pioneer Woman. She and I are both mega-fans! She got the idea to use these adorable bandanas as our napkins from Ree.


Matt’s spread. The boys had classic bandanas while Diane and I had pretty floral prints.


Matt was so sweet and happily went on about a 45-minute walk around the neighborhood after dinner. We came across this adorable, sweet cat! I love orange tabbies.


For dessert, I enjoyed a slice of pineapple upside down cake that Diane also made in the cast iron skillet (one of the most versatile kitchen items!) along with two truffles and hot tea with honey.


Diane surprised me with this awesome flat whisk! Adding to my PW collection.


Funny discovery: my nails glow! When we laid down to go to bed, we realized my fingers were like little glow sticks. My camera wouldn’t pick up on them, though, so Matt had the bright idea (get my pun?) to “charge” them with my flashlight. Worked like a charm! So weird!

We were out of coffee (the horror!), so I went by K brew and got a perfect café au lait. Check out that awesome sky behind their adorable café.


I realized just how many photos I took this weekend, so thank you for making it all the way through! I hope you enjoyed our recap and have a fantastic day and week ahead!


Happy hump day! I have several meals from the past week and a half to share that I hope spark some inspiration for you.


This was quite an amazing waffle sandwich. Melty sharp cheddah, bagel seasoning, over easy egg, and cinnamon-spiced Granny Smith apple.


This morning I decided to have one waffle warmed over spinach with thawed strawberries that I then mashed with lemon juice and chia. I topped it with pistachios and had a lemon blueberry muffin along with it.



One day last week my two dietetic interns and I enjoyed lunch at Pho 99. I chose their chicken Banh Mi sandwich, and it was really satisfying. I love the French baguette and all the fresh vegetables!


This lunch consisted of roasted seasoned cabbage, sauteed broccoli pearls, Aldi mushroom risotto veg burger, Chick-fil-a sauce (obsessed), and naan. I then enjoyed a mandarin orange and a lemon blueberry muffin for dessert.


I went down to Parkwest to enjoy this fabulous lunch planned, prepared, and served by the dietetic intern I had the pleasure of working with in February along with another intern in this year’s program. They had the choice of salmon or chicken with mango salsa, a wonderful quinoa side dish, and a vegetable medley. For dessert, they had pineapple upside down cupcakes.


I loved the inclusion of black beans in the quinoa! The salmon was so generous that I now have half the filet for tomorrow’s lunch.


I haven’t had a pineapple upside down cupcake in quite some time. It hit the spot!



I snagged this bagged salad kit on clearance, and it made dinner a breeze.


I broiled halibut filets from frozen seasoned with butter and Old Bay. I had enjoyed avocado toast as a snack when I first got home. Mason had some avocado with me. He has such unique food loves for a purr-baby! The vet nurse was surprised by what all he begs for, ha.


It was not my evening when I made this dish. I melted the plastic handle of our ladle, overflowed the pot of lentil pasta despite using our largest one, and the pasta cooked too long. But the brightside was that it tasted ah-mazing, Matt was appreciative, and we both still thoroughly enjoyed it! I warmed our roasted seasoned vegetables with Aldi tomoto basil marinara and added two cooked Aldi Italian chicken sausage links cooked and cut into bite-sized pieces. I tossed in the pasta, divided it, and Matt topped them with freshly grated parmesan.


Pan-seared and baked seasoned pork chop using our iron skillet along with a springy salad of mixed greens, broccoli slaw, mushrooms, avocado and strawberry vinaigrette. Matt and I split Garden Lites’ frozen vegetable mac ‘n cheese, which was creamy and tasty.



Yes, even when it’s after 9:00 or even 10:00, if you are truly hungry, you are allowed to eat. Nourishment and Intuitive Eating over diet rules and external cues. This was delicious!


One afternooon I had dried goji berries and roasted nuts over a Chobani mango fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt cup.


I made Erin’s bedtime turmeric latte with So Delicious unsweetened almond cashew milk, cinnamon, turmeric, pepper, cardamom, clove, ginger, vanilla, and honey. I didn’t add the nut butter, and I simply heated it in the microwave. Let me tell you, this was so calming and so needed. I seriously need to make it a point to enjoy it often! I also had a banana with pb and Love Grown Comet Crispies afterward.


I plan to revise this post later today after dining at one of our local hospitals in support of my dietetic intern who worked with me in February. She is completing her food service rotation and so sweetly invited me to come enjoy their theme day lunch! **Included my lunch above, it was delicious!**



Puttin’ a Little Spring in My Step

Here we are at the start of another week. The good news is (and is just as much a reminder for myself) is that we have control over how we’ll feel and react despite what the week may bring our way. 🙂


I didn’t make my savory oatmeal earlier in the week, and I was really craving it. I’ve been on an over easy egg kick, and this was just what I was wanting! The awful lighting was not, but such as life when it’s gloomy and early. Lolz


A little post breakfast shenanigans with Jaxxy!

This. Such an awesome message!


I thought this salad was rather pretty that I put together for our lunches.  Spring mix + baby spinach, roasted asparagus, half a veggie burger from Aldi, cauli-rice, mushrooms, avocado, and Caesar. We enjoyed potato leek soup along with it. During lunch, I received a message that I had won a giveaway with Kitchables! I’ll be receiving a set of double wall insulated latte glasses, and I’m so excited and thankful!


After work I got my hair cut, which is always such a treat. I love my hair stylist! She’s a magician with my ‘do. She snapped these photos and shared them on her page. I’m working on self-love in the sense that I’ll stop picking myself apart/seeing the negatives in photos. I was a wee bit tired, and it showed. But I’m only human. 🙂

I was a starvin’ marvin when I got home, so I had this organic honey oat bread from Aldi with cottage cheese. Even though it’s just store-bought sandwich bread, this variety is one of my favorites! It’s so soft and delicious.


All the heart eyes!!!! ❤


Matt loves his boys, and the boys love their dad. Warms my whole being.

Dinner was seasoned roasted cabbage with warmed organic canned lentils ($1/can at Kroger – a steal!).


Dessert included hidden Chocolate PB Cheerios, frozen berries, cinnamon and cardamom, and milk.


Ray was ready for her Netflix and chill time.



Lemme tell you, everyone needs to try avocado toast this way. I blended avocado with cottage cheese until smooth, creamy, and dreamy then topped it with roasted sunflower seeds. I enjoyed cottage cheese with thawed peaches and drizzled molasses on another slice of honey oat toast. I say toast, but I left these soft and didn’t *actually* toast the bread. Ha!


I whipped my butt into gear after sipping my go-juice/life blood, and I changed out our bedding and bath. It’s so bright now! It was more spring-like inside than outside. Womp womp.

Lunch was simple warmed cabbage with raisins and tahini plus corn chips for crunch.


I then had yogurt and a carob cauliflower crumbled muffin.


Kase was a doll and brought me a decaf coffee from K Brew and took this fan-say portrait for me.


After making a Tarjay run together, I noshed on this new Nature’s Valley bar before we took our Barre3 community class.


Before class selfie.


My muscles were tired/tight, but the workout was just what I needed!! We went next door and picked up a to-go order from Tandur Indian, ran one errand, then we met Matt back at her and Drew’s home. Drew had to attend an event for the fraternity that he was a member of in college, but he was missed!

I chose their Kerla Coconut Curry, which includes coconut masala curry, onions, peppers, tellicherry peppercorn, bay leaf, and I chose lamb meatballs. Garlic naan on the side.


After enjoying plenty of fun conversation and laughs, Matt and I went home, and I took a quick shower. Dessert was a simple banana split of sorts with Greek yogurt and one bean-pb cookie I had made recently.



After sleeping in for the second day in a row, we finally made our way downstairs for breakfast. This past weekend’s sleep was so dang glorious and needed! I went really simple and lazy with breakfast, which included another carob cauliflower muffin, roasted sunflower seeds, ground flax, and fresh blueberries. I had major breakfast envy after Matt made his epic savory oatmeal, though! We traded a bite-for-a-bite at least.

Funny story, when I tried closing the blueberry container, they spilled ev-er-y-where, including beside and under the fridge. I was pretty proud of myself for how I handled it. Sometimes ya just have to laugh! Matt helped me move the fridge, and we salvaged nearly all of them. We found a glass to-go container lid and two pennies. Matt said, “don’t flip your lid. I’ll give you my two cents.” Don’t worry, he won’t quit his day job, but I thought it was quite hilarious!


The top photo came up on my memories, and it was funny to see how we’ve changed some over just the past year. Spectacle love.


Lunch was a little random and included sautéed broccoli slaw with avocado and Sabra taco-inspired hummus + warmed plain naan.


I then had the last bean-pb cookie with a cutie and cottage cheese.


I went by Kroger for several things (yes, we shop so much, but thank goodness for coupons!), and then I quickly whipped up these fabulous lemon blueberry muffins by Alexis. My grandfather loved lemon, and so I figure I must get my love of it from him. Food is more than just food. These made me think of him and how much I would love to sit and each enjoy one together. I was grateful that Alexis helped me to think of some happy memories from my childhood.


I had to really bust it to get to another community Barre3 class, but I made it just in time. Despite having done the same 60-minute workout on Saturday, my muscles actually felt better. I felt stronger throughout the class, and I loved it! The instructor was fabulous.

I put this big pan of vegetables, seasoned with Tandur Indian BBQ spice blend that I bought from the restaurant, into the oven to roast until fork tender. I also roasted a bulb of garlic in a foil pouch.


We enjoyed them with warmed cabbage and lentils plus garlic toast on the side.


Dessert was some green tea with honey followed by Cruze Farm red velvet ice cream topped with Multigrain Cheerios and sprinkles! I had a few roasted nuts and then felt satisfied.



This morning I enjoyed muesli made with Greek yogurt, milk, and hazelnut creamer. Unfortunately, the pb overwhelmed the creamer, so I’ll be making it again without the pb later this week! Macey was on the move. Whoosh!


I had a Granny Smith apple sprinkled with chai sugar along with it.


I ordered this adorable ‘animal lover’ bracelet and a top from Faith and Company Boutique, and I absolutely love it!


Wishing you all a wonderful day and week ahead!


Friday Favs

Y’all, this week has kicked my butt at times. But we made it to Friday! Time for a round up of some of my favorites.

(1) Pixi Beauty ‘Wakeup Mist’ – while the spray nozzle could be better designed, this mist smells really good and feels refreshing. I’ve been using it in the morning before I apply my moisturizer.


(2) As a thanks for completing a survey, Burt’s Bees kindly sent me this vanilla lip balm. I love the scent! It’s also really soft.


(3) Every time I see this collection at, of all places Kroger, I love it. Wish I could justify getting it!


Mug addict.


(4) Since we’re on the subject of dinnerware, have you seen the newest Pioneer Woman line for spring? All the heart eye emojis!!

(5) I think I finally found a dishwasher detergent that works. I was so tired of washing what was supposed to already be clean! Adult life excitement.


(6) I snagged this Bob’s Red Mill GF Muesli with a coupon, and it’s fabulous!


I hope you all have a great day and weekend ahead!