Here’s to Another Spectacular Year!

Somehow another year has flown by, and Kaci and I are now 31. Whoa. This past year, while certainly challenging at times, was a year of growth, love, fun, and truly one for the books. Had Mason still been with us, it would’ve been near perfect. He’s always in our hearts, though. I will try… Continue reading Here’s to Another Spectacular Year!


First Friday June Favorites!

I’m here with another round-up of food, fashion, and some other fun things! I shopped at Naturally More Discount Market last weekend and found some stellar deals. I bought a case of these unsweetened Quaker oatmeal cups for less than $6 I believe. Score! I also grabbed a box of this oatmeal because it sounded… Continue reading First Friday June Favorites!

It was a Treat Yo Self Kind of Weekend

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and today has been pretty nice overall! I hope you all are doing very well and had a most wonderful weekend. Also, I’ve really been snapping away, so there is a lot to share! Make a cuppa joe or tea, grab a snack, and let’s dive in!… Continue reading It was a Treat Yo Self Kind of Weekend

Friday Favorites!

It’s Friday, and you know what that means! Friday Faaavorites, hot off the press for your reading pleasure. Thanks to Alexis for bringing this to my attention, I snagged one each of the limited edition croissants from Aldi!! Everything. Bagel. Croissant. I know! Drool-worthy. Plus they have herb and cheese croissants. Heaven in a clamshell… Continue reading Friday Favorites!

Winter, Please Step Aside & Allow Spring to Flourish

I don’t know about how the weather is where you live, but we went from glorious warmth and spring temperatures back to winter overnight. No thank you. Also, our forecast shows a lot of rain as though we haven’t had enough. *But* I’m hoping for sunny skies and spring temperatures again soon! Friday Matt and… Continue reading Winter, Please Step Aside & Allow Spring to Flourish