From Fall to Winter in a Flash

Good Tuesday morning! I had not looked out our windows this morning until I saw a friend had posted about the snow we received, and I was shocked to see white when I pulled back the blinds! I cannot recall another time that we had snow this early in November. I wonder if Mother Nature is… Continue reading From Fall to Winter in a Flash


Fall Brings Out the Baking Mood in Me

This weekend sure was amazing! Even though the temperatures are still screaming summer, I’ve been on a baking kick with pumpkin and warm spices. So without further adieu, let’s get onto the recap, shall we? Friday I began my Friday with a yogurt bowl that included ripe banana mashed into said yogurt then topped with… Continue reading Fall Brings Out the Baking Mood in Me

Friday Favorites Number…I Lost Count

Hello all of you amazing people! Thank you for stopping in and making my blog a part of your day. As always, I sure hope this post finds you well and offers some fun inspiration. First up, pumpkin thangs from TJ’s! I couldn’t resist. I’m really excited to try these soups! Add a chunk of… Continue reading Friday Favorites Number…I Lost Count

Friday Favorites: Random Edition

I have been saving a number of food/products/fashion/kitty favorites to share, so this will be a bit full of randomness but hopefully inspiring all the same! First up is some late summer fashion. To be honest, I am ready for a bit of a transition to fall, but the weather has different plans. Eye roll.… Continue reading Friday Favorites: Random Edition