Soaking Up Autumn

This weekend was so perfect, and the weather was very nice! I say it often and every year, but I love autumn. ❤


Matt and I began our Friday with savory oatmeal topped with pesto and a Vital Farms egg. I had a coupon, so I splurged and bought a carton of their brown shell eggs. Two tangerines on the side for something sweet and juicy.


Snuggles with baby girl while I sipped my coffee. The best! She’s so affectionate.


Before I left, I opened our bedroom blinds for Mason. He was loving the sunshine!


Kaci, Matt, and I are all obsessed with his bald, pink belly. When I look at our baby boy, I don’t see a cancer patient. Sure, he is definitely missing some fur. But he is so dang handsome and strong!


I had a coupon for two Chobani Flip cups, and this was one of their new flavors. It’s delicious!


Kaci met me at the vets so that the babies could get their annual vaccines. They were perfect! So nervous, as I would be too, but they were such sweeties. All checked out with a clean bill of health and are up-to-date on their shots.


Once home, I made us a simple green salad with Ranch and served us leftover spaghetti. Unfortunately, when I first made it earlier in the week, it was blah. The sauce was too thin, which Matt tried to fix. He advised we simmer it without the lid, but I was in a stubborn mood. I admit I was wrong. 😉


Much more enjoyable the second time around.



We slept in quite a bit on Saturday such that I was groggy. Whoopsies. I had gotten up at 6:00 to feed the babies but then slept until 8:00 or so. The boys looked like they were trying to play train or something. Haha


Matt was a sweetheart and offered to make each of us French toast! Can’t say “no” to that. =D I had mine with seeded gluten bread from Aldi, which is fabulous. He added vanilla creamer to the egg batter, which really amped up the overall flavor. Topped with thawed wild blueberries, drippy peanut butter, and some maple syrup.


Matt’s GF stack.


Kase was so so sweet and invitted me to join them for a hike at House Mountain! I got all bundled up and sported my K brew sweatshirt. ❤ My MIL made that fun beanie.


“Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then be a unicorn.”


One of Drew’s friends, Shane met us there. He is very familiar with the area and the hike. I love how they all have the same facial expression. Lol



Twin selfie!


Peace. Signature pose. It’s a must.




The views at the top were incredible!


Those fall colors.


I had to strip that sweatshirt for a bit because I was burning up!


Love!! I have wanted to hike in the fall for a long time and just haven’t put forth the effort to plan and execute it. Fortunately, my twinkie got me out there, so I feel complete. This needs to happen much more regularly! Axl was a fabulous hiking dog too. He led the way for us!



Kisses for his mama.


Selfie with Axl who was not very enthused.


Hipster pup!

Once we were back, I hung out with Drew and Kaci for a bit before heading home for a quick shower. I made us dill havarti potato skins, leftover whole baked lemon pepper chicken, and a salad with freshly roasted butternut squash and pesto.



I woke up on Saturday to this. All the heart eye emojis. Matt had gotten up and fed the babies earlier, and then Jax decided to snuggle. He’s blurry because the flash caught his eye, and he was turning to see what I was doing.


I got up before Matt and made Anne’s Spiced Butternut Squash Muffins. I had one for a snack this morning, and they are so good!


I had a few slices of apple on the side plus…


the rest of the apple with cottage cheese. I didn’t finish the slices,though until lunch because I had had enough with the cottage cheese.


Matt and I decided to thaw and heat some of the butternut squash sausage balls he made a few weeks ago. Perfectly complimented the meal.


I decided after enjoying my coffee that I would just put on a beanie and head to Planet Xchange. They were so sweet and gave me a $21 gift card for their 21st anniversary. They had asked customers to share their fav Planet Xchange find. That sweater was actually from them a few years ago. I love all of my purchases!


I finally scored this Kavu backpack for only $24.95!


I was so excited to find this! Owl: check. Glasses: check. Turqouise: check. SO perfect for me! Yes, I am 29, and I still love these cute sweatshirts. I will wear it proudly. I also found the perfect lounge shirt/casual top from Free People.


Lunch was some leftover rice + pinto beans warmed with cumin and topped with spicy guacamole. I had the remainder of a strawberry harvest salad mix, apple, and a Ghiradelli dark chocolate sea salt caramel square. It was so good!


After finishing an incredible 30-minute Barre3 online workout, I showered, did laundry, washed dishes, and meal prepped. I bought mustard greens, turnip greens, and kale from a patient for $2. He and his wife have a garden, and he sold me so. much. for such a low price. The only downside to fresh were the few bugs that hitched a ride on the greens. But I was brave and took care of them. I took the cumin roasted carrots, roasted peppers and mushrooms, caramelized onion, and greens and built us bowls topped with sardines. Matt and I emulsified fresh lemon juice, spicy brown mustard, and extra virgin olive oil together until creamy. Some tortilla chips on the side for a crunch.


Matt chose the newest Beauty and the Beast for free on Netflix for us to watch. The movie was meh, but I love our movie nights! We are not into singing and musicals, so it was a bit too much for us. But now I can say I’ve seen it. Ha. I made a dessert of Fage with tangerines, peanut butter, and GF cinnamon graham crackers. Mmmmm.


Today I wore my new Planet Xchange vest that is oh so comfortable! It’s super soft on the inside *and* it has pockets.


I have a dietetic intern working with me this week, and she’s super sweet! I will be working with her again in March as well as four other interns next February through May. Giving back to the nutrition community when I can. Also, my RD log of 75+ hours of continuing credits was accepted, so I don’t have to worry about re-certification period starting again until June 2019. Yay! Have a great day and week ahead!

Naked Foods Grab ‘n Go is Now Open!

I want to first begin by saying how incredibly gorgeous yesterday afternoon was. I wish autumn could stay this way for a long time!

Yesterday evening, Matt, Kaci, and I had the pleasure of visiting Naked Foods Grab ‘n Go during their open house, and it was amazing! To give a little background, I first met the founder, Alison Corle summer of 2015 when she led my first paddle boarding experience. Fast forward to planning our wedding, Matt and I knew we wanted excellent food at our reception. I met with one caterer, and I felt so disappointed. The same old menu was offered, and they didn’t care about nutrition like I did. Plus, gluten free added another level of difficulty. Even though Alison did not caterer, she had at that time been running her own meal service company going on three years. She has tremendous respect for nutrition and a variety in foods, PLUS she makes everything gluten free. She was willing to take on the challenge, and she far exceeded our expectations. When Kaci and Drew got engaged, she was one of the very first vendors that they booked. Both times she was so professional, did not show any stress, and she did her job so well. Everyone loved the food, and I most definitely made sure to eat on my wedding day. Matt and I had many leftovers that served us SO well when we returned from our honeymoon. I could go on, but let’s get into her newest adventure: Grab ‘n Go store front!


The Naked Foods squad prepares several meals from scratch and has them portioned out and ready to be sold, heated, and enjoyed. They offer a wide variety from chicken to pork, beef, seafood, vegan, and desserts.


It’s so bright and inviting! The before and after of this location is astonishing.


The mastermind and badass entrepreneur herself, Alison!


Look at all of those choices! They even sold out on Tuesday because there is such a demand.


They had meatballs, Thai peanut dipping sauce, guacamole, sweet potato chips, almond butter, and desserts to sample.


All the heart eye emojis.


These higher protein desserts included lemon blueberry donut, harvest apple protein cookie, pumpkin spice pancake, and chocolate donut.


Matt and I chose their newest vegan Mexican bowl, citrus salmon, grass-fed beef spaghetti squash, and BBQ chicken entrees.



We split the salmon entrée and had simply dressed mixed greens on the side. It was so good! We both remarked how well the salmon was cooked, and how generous the portions are. I plan to stop by often as I come home from my clinic located in West Knoxville.


Even Rachel and Mason LOVED the salmon! He’s a Naked Foods kitty spokesman that is here to tell you how amazing it is!


If you live in Knoxville or find yourself visiting, do yourself a favor and skip the drive thru and visit Naked Foods instead!

One Year Wedding Anniversary Photos!!

I first met Brittany Sidwell of Brittany Sidwell Photography last spring when I was searching for a photographer to do a boudoir shoot for me. I had wanted to do one for a long time, but I hadn’t taken the plunge. Even before we met, her correspondence made it feel like we were great friends such that on the day of, I felt so comfortable. I knew immediately that I wanted to have our one year wedding anniversary photos taken by her. I am blown away by how amazing they are! She captured Matt and my personalities so well! We just cut up, laughed A TON, and had a blast. I think it really shows in all of our photos. I’m going to share a number of them, but it’s hard to choose favorites. ❤ A huge shout-out to Tatyana Wilcox of Tatyana Wilcox Makeup for my gorgeous makeup. I had a cold, but she worked her magic and hid it completely! She was the makeup artist for my wedding, and I’m so glad I met her.

We didn’t plan much because I just wanted it to be natural. All I new that I had to include was my wedding TOMS, us trying our one year old frozen wedding cake, and sipping champagne. The cake was actually really good!


Our personalized “Mr.” and “Mrs.” dessert forks.



As always, Matt finished eating before me. 😉






Hip bump!



I found a cute leaf and put it into Matt’s shirt for fun. 🙂 That sunlight ❤


This was Matt’s idea! I love how he gets into our sessions. He’s such a natural in front of the camera!


My gorgeous rings nestled in his handsome wedding band. We used my grandmother’s China that we also used at the wedding. I wanted to include little elements throughout.




We stumbled upon this really neat green building and had to take some photos. The foliage wasn’t quite as vibrant as it is now, but it still really came through in our photos!




Brittany told Matt to whisper something in my ear, and man this was hilarious! I loved this. I was almost crying from laughing so hard.


Love black and white ❤


The only thing I bought for this shoot was my cardigan. Everything else I wanted to just be us and not overly thought-out. I so loved the colors!











On a whim, I decided to jump on Matt’s back, and I loved the series of photos Brittany captured! If you haven’t noticed by now, I was cheesin’ and laughing throughout our time together. It was the best.





This was the best gift we could’ve given to each other, and I’m beyond grateful I have these to now cherish. Check out Brittany’s work, and if you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend you book with her!!



Fall Has Arrived!

The weather this past weekend was so very perfect, and our East TN fall colors are finally on display. My heart is so happy! I love this time of year with fall being my favorite season without a doubt. The hues of autumn weren’t revealing themselves, so I was unsure if we would get to experience them this year. Thankfully, we are.


I wanted to share this adorable photo of our sweet boys on Thursday morning. So snuggly.


Because the weather was so beautiful, I was able to go on a walk after lunch and then later for an hour in the late afternoon before dinner. Matt got home early too, which was such an awesome surprise! He was understandably tired, so he stayed at home. I talked to Kaci the entire time anyway. Us twinklets can gab!

I stopped to snap this photo because these colors were breathtaking. The fog in the morning along with the intense grays and blues in the sky have been so perfect. If you can’t tell, I’m obsessed. Sorrynotsorry.



I saw this idea on Instagram, and we actually had leftover butternut squash risotto. We layered wilted greens with warmed risotto and then topped it with an over easy egg. Cinnamon-spiced apple on the side. This was so good!


I found pumpkin spice yogurt covered pretzels at Aldi, and I dipped them in peanut butter for a mid-morning snack. So delicious!


For lunch, I packed some leftover salmon cakes with homemade tartar sauce from Thursday’s dinner. We enjoyed them with wilted greens underneath and olive tapenade hummus and veg on the side.


I had to run an errand, so I decided to visit the west Honeybee Coffee location. It’s so pretty!! Bright natural light fills the whole café, and the white is very cheerful. I love the décor as well. It used to be an auto location, so they, like K brew, have garage doors they can open on pretty days. So neat!


I enjoyed their unsweetened turmeric latte with oat milk. The sweet barista took the time to show me the oat milk they now offer, and he chatted with me. I love how personable he was to me, and it brightened my day.


I also couldn’t resist this delicious treat. It complimented my latte perfectly.


When I got home, this is how the fog looked over the land as you look off our front porch. Love!


Friday morning I assembled all of our opened frozen vegetables with the last of our roasted vegetables and let them soak with Aldi organic chicken bone broth. After simmering it for 45 minutes, I served it with gouda toast. Hit the spot!



Now that we have the vanilla creamer, I’m wanting to try it in different ways. I soaked oats and milk with cinnamon, vanilla, and espresso salt. I cooked it on the stovetop in the morning and topped my bowl with fresh berries, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, and a splash of the creamer. Heavenly!


Matt used the last biscuit and made a sausage, egg, cheese, greens, and pesto sandwich. It was epic. We always trade a bite-for-a-bite, and this was definitely restaurant worthy!


We chilled and snuggled with the babies while we sipped our coffee. Sweet baby girl.


I completed a 30-minute Barre3 workout that was killer. I loved it so much! Mason wanted to be held first, though, before I got my shakes on.

After showering, I enjoyed a later lunch of wilted greens with hummus-topped toast plus a fried seasoned egg. I enjoyed a carrot and gouda potato chips on the side.


Matt and I  got ready to attend my friend’s wedding, but before we left, we had to get a photo with Mason. Doesn’t he look enthused?! Hahahaha favorite photo of us three.


The venue was stunning! It is located in Townsend, TN, and the drive out there was spectacular. My sweet husband! *The* best and most handsome wedding date. :*


The ceremony was very pretty. Afterward, we were able to enjoy delicious cocktail snacks. I had water with a splash of lemonade that was the perfect sweetness level.


Photo booth fun! On the left is my manager at one of my clinics along with one of our fabulous nurses.


Those glasses were so fun! (Shoutout to Kaci for letting me borrow this dress. My girl has the nicest clothes!)


We couldn’t miss this photo-op. 🙂


I loved the decorations and centerpieces!


Delicious salad to start.


They served mashed potatoes, soft rolls, roast beef with au jus and horseradish cream, roasted vegetables, and an incredible chicken breast.


The gorgeous bride, Christy and her sister-in-law, Kim! I work with both of them. Christy and I started on the exact same day and went through education together. We all three work together at one of my clinics. They’re so fun, and I’m so glad I got to celebrate her wedding with them!


I tried taking our photo, but the flash got Matt, lol. Then our following attempts cracked me up. When Matt gets ahold of the camera, it’s always a blast!


My favorite!


The coffee was delicious, and they also had hot chocolate and tea. Covered all the bases!


Classic vanilla cake that was fluffy and delicious. They also had some mini pecan pies that were adorable. I had a bite of one, and it was tasty.


I hit the dance floor a few times and had a blast!


I forgot about daylight savings time, which made for a rough morning. We really ought to do away with it. Can I get an amen? It’s an outdated practice. Poor babies thought it was time for noms, but it was only 4:45am. Oof. We finally rolled out of bed in the 7 o’clock hour and made breakfast. I ate baked cinnamon apples with cottage cheese and Cheerios out of the peanut butter jar, and Matt had his out of the cottage cheese container. Less clean up for us!


I got distracted because our in-credible photographer sent us our anniversary photos!! I’ll be sharing several in a separate post after this one. Two posts in one day, I’m gettin’ crazy!

I did finally get myself ready and then wasted a ton of time trying to untangle four necklaces. Matt later took care of them for me. The struggle was real. I had decided it was time I finally visit Cruze Farm’s new permanent location.


❤ Cruze Farm


Is this house not amazing?


It’s so darn cute throughout! They worked their tooshes off repainting and remodeling for several weeks after purchasing it. They put these fabulous canvases on display that were first introduced in their summer Gay St. location.


So cute! They made use of all of the space available.


I chose their broccoli cheddar soup, which included carrots. It was the best I’ve ever had. I enjoyed half with this buttermilk biscuit then saved the rest of the soup to go with tomorrow’s lunch.


I had to save room because I ordered this divine cup of cookies ‘n cream.


Post lunch super happy selfie in their tiny bathroom. No shame!


I had to take one more before I left. Those pumpkins! Insert heart-eye emoji.


Unfortunately, the water plumbing at the lake house that Matt fixed Labor Day 2016 broke. We think someone may have run over it and broke the pipe. Sigh. But I was thankful we visited because look at this view!


Because I ran late to lunch, we got out there late. So we couldn’t go to the store for any parts or supplies. But Matt worked hard at first diagnosing the problem and getting the broken part loose.

I took a photo of our dinner, but it turned out really poorly. I roasted green beans and then tossed them in pesto. I added them to a bowl of wilted mixed greens with warmed risotto and pinto beans. Seems odd, but it was delicious. I had a small mug of cereal with berries and then we finally crawled into bed. The babes were still confused this morning. This’ll be a long week until we get into our rhythm. Sigh. But today is going to be a great day, and I hope all enjoy it and the week ahead!

Rest. Relax. Rejuvenate

I seriously want to go back and relive last weekend. It was so perfect! I’m actually going to rewind to Thursday to share our dinner.


You may or may not find sardines appetizing, but we absolutely love them. I bought this tin of lightly smoked with lemon oil, and I was pleasantly surprised to find this cute lemon slice included.


We split the tin complete with all the delicious oil.


I made Kylie’s epic biscuits that couldn’t have been simpler and are oh so delicious! I made them GF for us, and they will be on repeat. I need to make a batch to freeze!


I made a throw-together soup that turned out very well. I sautéed onions with roasted garlic and then added the last of our roasted green beans, one can each turnip greens with turnips / mixed vegetables / small can of mushrooms, Worcestershire sauce, spices, and chicken broth.



I mixed together one packet of instant ancient grains oatmeal with cottage cheese Thursday night then topped it with jumbo grapes and peanut butter in the morning.


Autumn-inspired outfit, complete with my bright cords! I love corduroy and will wear them despite if they are “in style” or not. They’re a staple for me. 🙂

Friday marked the season premiere of Stranger Things 2!! Do I have any fellow obsessed fans out there? Matt and I were stoked. SnapChat took me to the upside down.

Matt and I attended the annual race group gathering, but before we left, I had a snack of Greek yogurt mixed with pumpkin, spices, jam, and seeds.


Matt found a recipe for sweet potato biscuit sausage balls, but he used roasted spiced butternut squash for his + made them GF. Sweet Mace wanted to help his dad!


While on the way, we ran over someone’s stupid debris that we couldn’t avoid. It ripped up my gravel shield, but Matt was awesome and had to get down on his hands and knees to pull it out from underneath my car. We like to keep things exciting, ha.


I so love my handsome husband!


Hot apple cider – first of the season for me!


The spread of delicious food. They grilled hamburgers and hot dogs as well.


Matt’s sausage balls, which were crazy delicious, along with veg, dip, chips, and guac.


I went back for one more sausage ball plus tastes of baked beans, deviled egg, and ham and bean soup. It all hit the spot. The weather was perfect too! The gathering had originally been scheduled for Saturday, but with a serious drop in temps plus rain, it got rescheduled last minute. We were all so glad it did because the night was beautiful.


I love bonfires! Only downside is smelling like one for the rest of the night. Lol


Dessert sampler plate. My favorite was the chocolate pudding pie! Oh man I would’ve eaten more if I weren’t pleasantly full.


Funny story: after we took our exit, Matt wanted to stop by CVS. I gave him my cold – whoops – but sharing is caring. While waiting, I shut off my headlights. Once we got on our way again, I forgot to turn them back on because the store front and street lights were bright. They had a road stop for a crew as they painted a new pedestrian walkway. The officer had me roll down my window to tell me I was driving without my headlights and then proceeded to ask if I’d been drinking. Anyone who knows me well knows I drive with my parking lights on nearly every time I drive. So this was a rare mistake, funny but rare. He didn’t know me or that I don’t drink, but I catch myself getting angry whenever I’m asked because I never drink. But such as life. Ya gotta laugh and move on!


Brunch was epic. Biscuit warmed with fluffy scrambled eggs, wilted spinach, gouda, and apple with cinnamon.


I made Bigelow Benefits green tea with honey, and Matt and I watched TWO episodes of Stranger Things 2. We’re so hooked! We couldn’t stay up any longer on Friday night, and with it being rainy and cold, it was the absolute most perfect Saturday morning.

I then got myself ready and went down to K Brew. I enjoyed every sip of their pumpkin pie latte (half caf) that they make with their very own pumpkin puree and vanilla whipped cream. It’s a dream-in-a-mug. Their café was packed too despite the icky weather. Speaks volumes to the love K-town has for them.


Ring bling + lipstick artsy photo 😉


Once I was fueled with more caffeine, I ran errands. I failed to wear a jacket and decided I needed a stylish, nice rain jacket. I found this one with a 20% Cartwheel coupon. Jackpot!


Because I can’t buy anymore mugs right now, I settled for a photo. Womp womp.


After shopping at the pet store with a coupon, I stopped by Whole Foods. It was the second time I’d been there since Amazon bought them. I was curious if I’d notice a price difference. I didn’t shop for much, so I didn’t note much of a change yet. I did treat myself to a late hot bar lunch.


I finally bought two cute bins to store our Tupperware lids! It’s the little things.


I also bought us a new candle for the season. I love the reflective vase and the scent!


Dinner was salad with pesto, toast, and soup.


Dessert was yogurt, grapes, Cheerios, and pb while we watched the third episode of Stranger Things 2. Hooked, I tell ya. I even had to convince Matt not to start the fourth, ha!



Sunday marked two things: National Oatmeal Day and National Cat Day – two of my very favorite things! I cooked an apple in brown sugar, spices, and a splash of water. I added two packets of instant ancient grains oatmeal, macadamia nut milk, vanilla, and raisins. Once I portioned it between our bowls, I drizzle maple and pb on top. So filling and warm.


SnapChats while I sipped my coffee.


This was taken at the perfect timing!


I meal prepped so hard. 😉 Roasted vegetables and butternut squash risotto for days.


Delicious baked apples. I enjoyed some on cottage cheese this morning for a snack.


For lunch I had greens, warmed roasted butternut squash and beets, risotto, and seeds.


I washed our bedding, another load of laundry, dishes, vacuumed, and took out the trash. I felt so productive. I completed a total of 45 minutes of Barre3 that felt incredible!

After finally showering, I made a chai tea latte and warmed a biscuit. The perfect combo of sweet, spice, and salt.


For dinner, we had some of the roasted vegetables, naked potato skins stuffed with mashed cannellini beans + roasted garlic / salt /  smoked paprika then melted gouda on top, and basil chicken. Unfortunately, the bone-in skin-on chicken breast halves were cooking slower than expected. While they were still soft but done, they were somewhat dry. You win some, you lose some. But Matt was SUPER thankful for a hot meal and that made me feel so good. It’s thanking the other and acknowledging when each other tries that makes a world of difference.



This morning I made oatmeal with espresso salt, cinnamon, vanilla, milk, and old fashioned oats. I topped my bowl with grapes, pumpkin, peanuts, and brown sugar. Kept me nicely full for four hours.


A bright outfit to bring me happiness this Monday!


I hope everyone has a fantastic week ahead!


Happy One Year Wedding Anniversary to Us!

This past weekend marked one year ago that Matt and I said, “I do”, and we had the absolute best weekend! While I was battling a cold, I didn’t let it get me down or in the way of our fun.


I made us oatmeal with spices and tropical fruit and then topped with trail mix, brown sugar, and strawberry mango granola.


I saw this on Instagram and immediately felt it spoke to me. Love the message!


I stopped at TJ’s for a bar and chose this mixed berry RX Bar. ‘Twas tasty and filling.


One of my best friends, Randi was so kind and gave us a Cheesecake Factory gift card for our anniversary, so we dined out on Thursday. I split the remainder of my shepard’s pie for us along with a salad and sauteed asparagus. Their entrees are always gigantic, so at least you get plenty of servings for the cost!


We watched our wedding video and it brought so many smiles and so much laughter at all the fun times we had on our special day!



I decided to make us Kylie’s pumpkin pancakes and topped mine with pepitas, chocolate chips, maple, and peanut butter. Cottage cheese on the side.


Too cute!


Randi is managing an online boutique, Summer Grace, and I bought this dress just the other day. I love the print and fit! So comfortable and boho. I paired it with a sleeveless cardigan and my new booties from DSW. I had a coupon for a free weekender bag, but they had already sold out. Womp womp.


Love him to pieces!


In researching things to do on our day trip to Asheville, I saw that an apple festival was being held in Waynesville, NC. So we headed their first. Unfortunately, this year’s fall foliage has not been very vibrant. 😥 So whenever I see any, I have to snap a photo.


They had a lot of food and craft vendors lined all the way down the street in the heart of their downtown. Loved this owl artwork!


Had to get a few more photos together. Three times a charm to get it right. Ha!


We bought a bag of local Jonagold apples, and they are humongous.


Thanks to my friend Clancey’s recommendation, we visited Bimberibon for a late lunch. Holy moly this place is the real deal. So much delicious food!


I had their caffeine free beet honey latte with cinnamon while Matt had a quadruple shot of espresso. I was shocked, lol. This latte caught my attention the first time I looked at their menu, and it did not disappoint! They had a seasonal latte with butternut squash that I wish I could’ve tried too!


We shared their smoked eggplant and beet faba dips to start.


Then we split their arepa pocket, which had roasted pork, queso fresco, chipotle crema, roasted corn, and cilantro plus a side salad.


On a whim, we decided to check out the NC Arboretum. My type A self loves to have a game plan, but I also love going-with-the-flow.

The views and grounds were gorgeous.


Lovely mums were all over the grounds.

Cactus and succulents ❤


Matt spotted this guy.


I always thought a bonsai tree was an actual tree species, but instead, it refers to the type of care and growth. These trees are cultivated to be tiny. So neat!


They had a replica railroad town.

From cocoon to a catepillar to a butterfly. Pretty creative artwork.


When we finally made our reservation for Posana, they only had a 6pm or 10pm availability. In hindsight, we probably could’ve walked in and been seated with little wait, but we didn’t want to risk it. Sadly, I wasn’t very hungry yet, but I still enjoyed myself. 🙂

Goofy photos of us with our drinks, mine a lavender mocktail and Matt’s a bourbon cocktail.


We had their daily soup special to start.


We split their quail filled with pecan cornbread  stuffing. It was delicious.


I chose their roasted broccoli with lentils, turnips, garam masala, and tofu-cashew sauce.


Matt enjoyed their seared duck breast with collard greens, caramelized apples, honey nut squash, and cider jus.


We ordered a dessert to go and ate it at the house once we were back. It was late, but we’re a couple of wild ones. We split their carrot cake, which was uniquely prepared and came with pineapple gel and rum ice cream.



While we were at Bimberibon, I ordered two bagels, a tahini cookie, and a slice of their chocolate babka bread because everything is prepared gluten free.


We split the bagels, and Matt made a sandwich with his.


I had goat cheese between the everything bagel, and Matt kindly made me an overeasy egg for the other bagel half. We had some of our roasted asparagus and apple on the side.


Post breakfast SnapChats while I sipped my coffee.

Sunday was officially our one year anniversary. How fast time flies!!


Jaxxy is so adorable!


After I completed an amazing Barre3 workout, I showered and enjoyed the aforementioned tahini cookie.


We scheduled anniversary photos in July, and despite having a cold, I was not going to reschedule. While I was getting my makeup done by Tatyana, my wedding makeup artist who I love (!), Matt sent me this photo and a video. Sweet Mason! He’s at the vets today for blood work and his next treatment. Please keep him in your thoughts.


Our photoshoot was so so fun!! We felt relaxed, could be ourselves, and we just had fun with it. Brittany Sidwell is awesome. So laid back, fun, and talented! We concluded with two Boomerang videos, and one is of me doing a shimmy while Matt rode an air bike. It was epic!

I wanted to go to Sunspot just like we did after our engagement photos.


We both ordered their vegetable soup. Super thick and flavorful.


I chose their Sunspot salad and added ahi tuna. I saved about half that I split with my Posana leftovers for our lunches today.


Matt went with their beef tips, which were delicious.


I had a small mug of yogurt, pumpkin, spices, half a banana mashed, a sprinkle of Cheerios, and macadamia nut milk. Matt made a smoothie, and then we called it a night.

This morning we split one of the massive Jonagolds, and I had mine with yogurt and peanut butter. Hard to believe, but I actually added too much peanut butter. Just a bit overpowering. On the side I split the babka bread between us.


It’s a rainy, gross day with a cold front on the horizon. I would love it if we could just have some mild fall weather. Sigh. But I’m thankful our weekend was beautiful! I love married life, and while it can be hard, I feel so grateful.

**Edited to add these four sneak peak photos from Brittany Sidwell of Brittany Sidwell Photography. I’m in love with them already!! My make-up was all thanks to Tatyana Wilcox. She concealed any signs of my cold and made me feel confident and beautiful.


Laughter is the best medicine.


My grandmother’s China with our special wedding cake dessert forks. I adore this shot!


One of Mason’s nicknames is Pooks, and he gets a scrunchy nose that we have dubbed the “Pooks nose.” We’re both rocking it here, and I absolutely love it.









Last Race Weekend of the Year + Wedding Photos Sneak Peak!

Kaci’s amazing photographers of S+W s i m p l y weddings shared a sneak peak album of Kaci and Drew’s wedding. They’re so pretty, and we cannot wait to see the rest!


They asked that someone say a word to make us all laugh, and I did us the honor. You can use your imagination as to what was said. 😉


Kaci chose to remove the ribbon and had this custom necklace made for her dress. It matched her beautiful jewelry as well.


So sweet!




Their delicious naked carrot cake.


Two of our amazing friends!


Alright, so to start with our weekend recap. I had a bowl of fruit with cottage cheese and banana bread with peanut butter for Friday’s breakfast. We loaded up the truck to head to VA to race at VIR once more this year.


I had that ‘haven’t showered and still look asleep’ look.


Lunch for me was leftover pizza and vegetables, and I made Matt a roast beef sandwich.


GF Bites for dessert.


After getting settled, I showered and heated our dinner. I made four trays of roasted seasoned vegetables, rice, and pesto pork chops for dinner on Friday and Saturday.


Saturday started early, and we enjoyed these oatmeal cups with banana on the side. I added some roasted seeds to mine.


Matt ran two qualifying sessions and got his time down to a 2:17 lap. Unfortunately, on the first turn of the first lap to his 1.5 hour race, he took the outside of the track and collided with another car that had been tapped and spun around to a stop. Poor Matt was towed back and started working on the frame. Thankfully, it was just structural damage, but it sucks all the same. He couldn’t race any the rest of the weekend. He has dash cam footage of it, and it’s awful to watch. So upsetting!


I heated us each a frozen entrée for lunch plus more vegetables on the side.


The theme of the weekend was Goblins Go, so I had to wear my skull leggings.


We had the same dinner and then later dessert that included splitting a Yoplait vanilla custard yogurt + pumpkin spice mini scone and peanut butter for me / pumpkin spice Cheerios for Matt.


We slept well and got up on Sunday feeling more well-rested. There was a group set-up across from us that were loud and obnoxious on Friday night until at least midnight. Some people can be so inconsiderate. Anyway, breakfast was a plain oatmeal cup to start with plenty of spice, egg, and cheddar added before microwaving into a muffin of sorts. A sweetango apple on the side. My new fav variety!


Lunch was Amy’s frozen poblano enchiladas. Unfortunately, somehow water got into Matt’s, so it was not good. I offered to split them, but he refused. We ate the last of the vegetables plus some tortilla chips then split a Yoplait banana custard yogurt. We finally hit the road around 1:30.


We decided to stop at Aubrey’s like we did in March. We each had a salad, and I had their small plate of steak and gnocchi with arugula, parm, asparagus, and a wine sauce. It was de-licious, but a bit salty and too much sauce. Still hit the spot.


Matt went with his go-to of salmon with lemon caper sauce, smashed potatoes, and sautéed spinach.


After we got back home and unpacked, I had banana bread with peanut butter before getting ready for bed.


Sweet Jackson had to check out my duffle bag!

My outfit yesterday was a dress and fleece-lined leggings, both from Kroger! A total of $21 + tax. Not too shabby. It’s finally feeling like fall now too!


Have a great day!



Kaci & Drew Got Married!!

This past Saturday, October 7th was the day Kaci and Drew said, “I do”, and it was a gorgeous wedding! I don’t have many photos, and I wanted to wait for her professional photos to be available before revealing her gorgeous look. 🙂 But I’ll share a few highlights.

On Friday, Kaci, Sara, Susan, and I met to get our nails all prettied up for the big day.


Our dad and step-mom, Karin were able to visit both Matt and my place as well as Kaci and Drew’s home Friday afternoon. I so loved it! They haven’t been able to visit until now, and it was so fun showing them our digs.

After getting ready, I went by the floral shop to pick up their gorgeous flowers and then out the lake house for the rehearsal dinner. Karin took many photos that I’m excited to see. I think Matt blinked here. Ha. Kase looked so cute! Drew’s parents catered Dead End Barbeque that was deeelicious.


The cute couple!


Kaci was an amazing and beautiful bride, and Drew was so handsome. They are perfect for each other, and it was a really fun wedding. Matt and I took some fun photos in their Alice in Wonderland photo booth! The photographers were so awesome and took some professional photos for us as well. My airbrush makeup turns so white with the phone flash. Ha


They departed for their honeymoon on Monday, destination Isla Mujeres at the Zoetry Villa Rolandi. Those rings ❤ Please keep them in your thoughts that they have an unbelievable time and make it back safe and sound on Sunday.


Kaci is now Kaci Snider, and I couldn’t be happier for her. We managed to host two weddings at the lake house two years in a row, and I’m so grateful for our property. I know our grandparents and mom were smiling down on us on both of our days.

Rocky Top You’ll Always Be Home Sweet Home to Me

I had such an awesome weekend, and I hope you all did too! I’m going to backtrack to Wednesday and Thursday to show you some creations I made. First up this owl waffle thanks to Love Grown for sharing someone’s idea. Isn’t it a hoot?


I made Erin’s banana bread with chocolate chips on Wednesday evening. I’ve started trying to take some food photos on my favorite table. I think it’s kinda cute. 🙂


I had to take a photo on my grandmother’s China once it was sliced. I love it! Although next time I’m going to reduce the chocolate so that the banana is more pronounced.


On Wednesday I taught the renal lecture for this year’s dietetic interns. My former internship director sent this to me, AND she wrote to my Director of Operations to brag on my contribution to the program. He forwarded said email to my lead RD and managers. I was absolutely shocked and so grateful!


Although I’ve been on a tea kick, Friday was National Coffee Day, so I had to participate. I had tea that morning, so I chose a decaf pour over with steamed whole milk. It was fantastic.


Autumn SnapChat crown ❤ ❤


Once home, the babies and I relaxed together. This sweet baby had to stay at the Animal Hospital all day for blood work and evaluation. Everything looked great, so Matt and I had to give him his chemo meds that night.


We had leftover spaghetti with mozzarella. Unfortunately, I made a novice mistake and cooked too much pasta in too small of a pot. I need another large pot. But Matt was thankful for this meal, and I appreciated that. I bought more sauce and plan to redeem myself soon. Ha


Those paws! All the heart eye emojis.


We watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on Friday evening, and it was pretty comical.

On Saturday, I had thawed cherry berry blend with cottage cheese, pepitas, and a pumpkin muffin. I slowly sipped on tea then got myself ready to attend the tailgate with Kase and Drew! I try to go once every year. One and done.


Matt made an eggcellent waffle sandwich with rotisserie chicken deli meat, avocado, spinach, and cheddar. Jax loaf in the background!


Us trying to figure out how we wanted to stand and pose. Lol!


My sweet twinkie. This marked one week until their wedding!


I enjoyed several of their delicious snacks. They all hit the spot.


Twin sandwich with Cindy. 🙂


They smoked the pork at the tailgate and had coleslaw, deviled eggs, and parmesan chicken sliders. I went bun-less on the pork and was pleasantly full.


With more of the girls. Sorry it’s a little out-of-focus. I’m not sure why.


This guy was funny and told us we needed a better background than the dumpsters. Then he photo-bombed us.


One last snap for good measure.


When they headed to the stadium, I came home and took an amazing bath with the lavender Epsom salt from Barre3 Knoxville. I read my novel and just relaxed.

For dinner, I made a quick salad with cooked sweet potato, roasted almonds, and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. Matt was meeting up with a small group to honor a gentleman who recently passed away, so I continued to read my novel. I switched over to do a word find before bed. You could say I tapped into my inner 80-year-old. Hahaha


Matt was a pawesome cat dad and fed the babies both Saturday and Sunday morning. This is how I woke up. That tongue! Girlfriend was happy.


I made really fluffy cheese scrambled eggs to go with my warmed banana bread and then coffee. I felt the aged cheddar wasn’t as strong as I would like, so I added more after this. Cheese ❤


I’m having a hard time believing it’s October and only 2.5 weeks until our one year anniversary! My favorite month by far, and this is my favorite owl, so it’s very appropriate.


Matt’s creation: two over easy eggs on a cheesy hash brown patty with wilted spinach, banana bread, and the other half of his apple. He ate the first half earlier in the weekend.


SnapChat again, and this time it disguised my bedhead.


After shopping at Planet Xchange and Kroger, I came home and had a late light lunch of wilted greens, heated sweet potato, tahini, avocado, and pepitas. I had an apple after this.


My awesome finds!


I bought the gray Gap cardigan to keep at my home clinic because it’s always so cold.


My sweet laundry helper! I was able to wash three loads. Woot.


He likes to snuggle in it more than fold it. 😉


I committed to 40 minutes of Barre3 and felt so. good.


Matt was again awesome and helped me finish our dinner. Lovely rice with baked dill salmon, Matt’s homemade tartar sauce, roasted broccoli, and beets. Unfortunately, these canned beets from Kroger lack flavor. Shoot. Still was a really tasty meal!


I was so excited to find fresh GF pasta! I bought so much great food and had a lot of coupons. The cash register scale was broken, so they gave me my nearly five pounds of bananas for free. Score!


Another fun find.


Dessert was Fage with thawed tropical fruit, GF cinnamon graham crackers, and roasted almonds. We stayed up too late watching Gotham, and then I was wired. Woke up at 3 for a little bit too. Whoopsies.


Even still, I was ready before 7:30 so that I could meet at UT campus. The accrediting agency for nutrition, ACEND wanted to speak with the area’s internship preceptors. I was proud of myself for being ready so early. I need to keep this up for sure.


Rockin’ one of my “new” shirts and a bold lip.


Hope everyone has a fabulous week!