A Few Weekly Meal Highlights

Goooood Fri-yay morning! Phew, this week has been good but long. Ready to enjoy the weekend. I wanted to share a few meals that I really loved this week. First up is a savory bowl of oatmeal, but this time I made it with water and part of a Plum Organics baby food pouch. I used the flavor that included yellow zucchini, mango, corn, and turmeric. It sounds weird, but we love using baby food. It’s just pureed fruits and vegetables, so they can add some fun flavors. Try it! The rest of the usual suspects: spices, spinach, cheddah, and a delicious runny egg.

I made Cookie and Kate’s GF waffles on Monday to have ready for Waffle Wednesday. I need to get quick-cooking oats to start with them already smaller and then blend them into oat flour. Even still, these were oh so good! I topped one with dark chocolate pb, cinnamon, and fruit. The other I topped with avocado and an over easy egg. It looks deflated because I didn’t realize the yolk had popped and run down under the waffle. Lol.


Oat cups are my jam. I found this one at Big Lots for a steal as you can see from the price tag. I soaked it overnight with cottage cheese, milk, and a splash of hazelnut creamer. I added thawed fruit and brown sugar in the morning.


I had a coupon for two RX Bars, so I got Matt and I each a maple sea salt. The boy loves him some salt, but he’s particular about which foods are salty. So he didn’t love the flavor, whereas I was so into it! Have you tried one of their bars? I didn’t think I loved them because they are sticky/chewy, but this one is quite delicious.


Chobani emailed a free product coupon, so I enjoyed their key lime.


For Valentine’s Day dinner, Matt and I made this pasta dish together. We pan-cooked chicken Italian sausages and then simmered them in a vodka pasta sauce. We cooked organic GF brown rice and quinoa short-grain pasta that we then tossed all together. Everything was from Aldi! Matt and I do not celebrate the holiday, but it doesn’t keep us from making a lovely meal together. Afterwards, he and I went to AutoZone where he replaced my car battery. My car decided to not start well on Tuesday. So that was the best Valentine’s Day gift!


Wishing everyone the best today and this weekend!

And the Rain Just Keeps Falling

Greetings on another Monday morning! Our weekend was so incredible despite the persistent rain that started on Saturday with no plans of slowing down anytime soon.


I was craving a bowl of cereal, so I had my TJ’s Mango O’s with Wyman’s berry/cherry/kale blend thawed, Aldi’s mango/pineapple/sweet potato/mandarin orange blend thawed, ground flax, roasted sunflower seeds, and milk.


To ensure it would be filling, I had an amazing over easy egg on wilted spinach seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, and smoked paprika plus dat mug of life blood. I licked all the yolk from the plate, no shame.


Our company Christmas gift finally arrive…1.5 months late. It’s this zip up jacket. I mean, it’s pretty basic, but I try to be thankful.


I was able to go on a 30-minute walk in the sunshine and chat with Kaci in the afternoon. Knowing the rainy forecast to come made this even more enjoyable.


I enjoyed this delicious mozzarella avocado toast as my first dinner course of sorts.


Matt and  split a plate of roasted vegetables.


The tomato soup had thickened up quite nicely in the fridge. Flavored with bagel seasoning blend and slurped to my heart’s content.


For dessert, I had Tazo butterscotch blondie dessert tea with honey and hazelnut creamer.


Plus I enjoyed half an apple with one Nature’s Valley pumpkin spice granola bar, raisins, pb, and Greek yogurt. We watched an episode of The Grand Tour. I love it! I think the hosts are hilarious.



I kept my breakfast light as a snack because Kaci and I had plans to finally try Maple Street Biscuit Company! I enjoyed a banana with chocolate Nutzo, Greek yogurt, and a small mug of black coffee.


Along with plenty of snuggles from Ray! Look at her squished face. So cute!


This is a new tee from Old Navy, and not only is it adorable and comfortable, but it also makes the perfect brunch attire. Allthecoffee.


The inside is really nice! Very spacious, open, and pretty.



I loved the different light fixtures!


My forever fellow adventurer, twinkie, and ride or die. 😉


I chose The Iron Goat and added cajun spiced roasted chicken. The biscuit includes cooked spinach and creamy dreamy goat cheese.


Kaci chose The Ralphie in vegetarian style, so it was a biscuit smothered in shiitake mushroom gravy plus chicken added on the side. The gravy was so good!


I also enjoyed a latte with a combo of skim and whole milk.


One of the sweet staff members then surprised us with these complimentary mini Valentine’s iced cinnamon pecan biscuits! I had one warmed later in the afternoon as a snack.


We went to Big Lots, and I saw so much cute stuff! I resisted buying it, but I had to take photos. I don’t like the term “bae”, but this give it a whole new meaning. Bacon And Eggs, ha!!


Eat more hole foods.


Coffee / Coffee / Coffee



Then we decided to make a Target run. We couldn’t resist a fun mirror twinsie photo. Kaci got that cookie jar – so cute!


Once again, snapped a photo of all the cute things that I can’t justify buying right meow.


I hardly ever use Twitter, but I had to login to tweet against Weight Watchers’ nasty campaign to suck in young teens to the diet industry. It’s appalling! Please speak out against this. Children do NOT ever need to diet. No one does.


Axl was so pooped.


Here are my food goods that I did score at Big Lots! Lentil pasta, soup, our fav instant oatmeal, Bob’s Red Mill oatmeal cups, baby food pouches to add to oatmeal, dried Turkish figs, and the most amazing blueberry lemon almonds. Ohmygosh they are delicious! I enjoyed some with an apple, and it was a very satisfying combo.


Dinner included tomato soup, baked seasoned flounder, sautéed zucchini, and roasty toasty potatoes. I didn’t quite finish the potatoes because I was pleasantly full.


I simultaneously made a batch of brown rice, a tin of carob tahini muffins, and dinner. Felt like I was killin’ it. 😉


Naturally, I had to enjoy a muffin for dessert as quality control. I sprinkled in some Chocolate Pb Cheerios over yogurt. Hit the spot! We watched another episode of Broadchurch. Holy moly it’s getting in-tense.



Matt was super sweet and offered to get up and the feed the babies both Saturday and Sunday morning. I was able to get such glorious sleep! For breakfast, I was craving a warm bowl of oatmeal. I cooked one packet of instant ancient grains oatmeal with milk and water, added thawed cherry/berry/kale blend, heated through, the topped with chocolate Nutzo and hazelnut creamer. Hello, gorgeous. Try this combo with the creamer; it’s phenomenal!


Matt made quite an epic breakfast. He warmed the last tortilla with some coconut butter spread across it. He then added brown sugar and cinnamon, pb, jam, and a banana before rolling it up into a burrito. He gave me a bite, and it was a fantastic mixture of flavors.


After getting off my bum and being productive, I noshed on those delectable blueberry lemon almonds and a fig before getting down to business with a Barre3 workout.


Afterwards, I enjoyed this Blake’s turkey shepherd’s pie and then a muffin before taking a shower.


I picked up Kaci, and we went out to the lake house to check on it. I put this vase and tray from our wedding on display. We now both have some mementos from our special days out there. ❤


I had a blast just chatting with Kase! Funny story when leaving. Considering how soaked and muddy the ground was, my car got stuck. So I had to back down the driveway and try going up the other side. Still got stuck. But I remember watching Matt, when we would four-wheel in his Jeep, turn his steering wheel side to side to gain traction. Worked like a charm.

Once home, I got to work on making these fabulous beet and bean burgers. I saw them on Alexis (Hummusapien) weekly vegetarian meal plan. I used dark red kidney beans because that’s what we had along with Love Beets steamed beets.


We enjoyed them on Glutino English muffins with orange-infused mashed avocado and a salad with Green Giant frozen cooked carrot spirals. Fabulous Sunday supper! Matt was awesome and helped me finish making this meal when he got home.


Dessert included an apple with pb, yogurt, and some crumbled Nature Valley pumpkin spice granola bar.


This is how Rachel looked when we got back to the couch to enjoy our dessert. Hahahaha she is the mood for today.


Hope everyone has a great one!

Fri-yay Favs + Finds

Happy Friday to all of you lovely people! First up on my favs post is this incredible watercolor artwork gifted to me by Kylie of Immaeatthat. I have loved every one she has created and shared, but this one hit home with me. It’s something I have often asked myself when faced with a decision. I can’t wait to frame and hang it!


If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to follow Natural Life on Ig. Their posts are always so uplifting, like this cute colorful screenshot below!


While I am no yoga expert or master, I have loved incorporating it into my life. I sometimes crave a more intense workout and then other times I just want to stretch and breathe deeply. Unity Yoga encouraged their followers to post a photo of themselves in a yoga pose. I chose tree pose because it’s one of the first I can recall learning, and it’s one I love to do to stretch and center myself.


Matt and I love these pot pies by Blake’s. As frozen entrées go, yes, they’re moderately high in sodium. But I love having these meals on hand for when we’re in a pinch for lunch!


This is the zucchini lentil pasta I referenced in my last post. Despite being frozen, the texture is so good!


I had to stop by the store because we’re on a mission to find Qrunch toastables again. They were so good, but then all the stores around us stopped carrying them. I saw this frozen brownie and wanting to try it. Although just the stupid taglines alone made me not want to. How silly have we become to put food and food labels on such a high pedestal?


Anywho, here is what it looks like. I split one for us to try today. I’m more excited to make Alexis’ latest Fudgy Raspberry Almond Butter Brownies!


I couldn’t resist any longer, so I bought Pioneer Woman’s gorgeous ivory dinnerware along with nesting mixing bowls with lids. Gah I love every one of her collections!

Lastly, I found a few cute things at Old Navy, one of which being this classic button down with…a pineapple and avocado print! (Our wall should finally be fixed next week. It’s so hideous.) Rockin’ that warm weather vibe!


Make it a great one!

Weekly Food Highlights

Here are a few meals from this week that have been really enjoyable. Hope they spark some inspiration for you!


This was one of my best bowls of savory oatmeal! I used one packet of Bakery on Main Ancient Grains instant oats made with milk, water, garlic powder, salt, and smoked paprika. I then wilted in fresh spinach, melted in aged sharp white cheddar, topped with an over easy egg, and sprinkled it with Everything Bagel seasoning. I shared a slow-motion video on Ig of breaking into the yolk. ‘Twas fabulous.


I got this idea from both Abbey Sharp and Daisy brand cottage cheese. To boost the protein of avocado toast, Abbey suggested blending with white beans. I decided to blend my avocado with Daisy cottage cheese that I split between two slices of Aldi “seedtastic” organic toast. I sprinkled Everything Bagel seasoning on one and topped the other with thawed Wyman’s of Maine blueberry/strawberry/cherry/kale blend. Try it! The creaminess was oh so perfect.


I used Erin’s latest berry turmeric smoothie recipe as a loose guide in making this smoothie bowl. I combined Aldi’s frozen sweet potato, mandarin orange, mango, pineapple blend with frozen kiwi and grapes, Greek yogurt, milk, spinach, turmeric, pepper medley, ginger, and vanilla. I topped with with a sprinkle of raw oats, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheerios, roasted pepitas, and Nutzo.



For lunch on Wednesday, I enjoyed this frozen entrée by Saffron Road: Enchiladas Al Chiptole, which included garlic rice and mesquite black beans. I crunched on some carrots on the side. I decided to save that truffle for later and instead had yogurt with the last of part of our salted chocolate pb oat bars by Alexis.


The other day when I picked up some photos at Walgreens, it dawned on me that I had not visited a local bagel shop in years. So for lunch I treated myself to a lox pumpernickel bagel with cream cheese, tomato, and onion. Half satisfied me, so I saved the othe half for the next day!


Gotta have that pickle with it!



I made this quick meal one evening that came together nicely. I sauteed zucchini and peppers until tender then added a can of drained tuna along with spices. I tossed in a bag of frozen cooked Bird’s Eye zucchini lentil pasta. It had an awesome texture! I finished it with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Matt realized that capers would’ve been a wonderful addition. Next time!


I made Sara’s creamy tomato soup along with roasted seasoned potatoes and greens drizzled with Newman’s Own creamy Caesar.





Simple snack of the remainder of our cottage cheese with a Made Good banana chocolate chip granola bar.


I’ve had this in my desk drawer for several weeks and finally was craving it. I had it after lunch as a mint. 🙂


Hope everyone has a great rest of the day!



Progress Not Perfection


Good morning! I hope everyone is doing well and not feeling too tired after staying up for the game. Matt and I aren’t into football, so *gasp* we did not watch. But we have found a new show called Broadchurch that has us hooked! Has anyone seen it?


Friday morning began in a delicious way. We decided to bake some of our leftover spaghetti on fresh spinach and topped with an egg. Next time I plan to make an over easy egg on the stove to achieve that awesome runny yolk.


We enjoyed it with toast spread with roasted garlic and Everything But the Bagel seasoning. Mmmm


Our new pot had arrived when I got home from work! It’s the little things.


My wild and crazy night included pulling the oven out from its place to clean plus cleaned inside it and our bathroom sinks/vanity/mirror. Adulting means this gives you satisfaction, ha.

For dinner, we enjoyed the last of our roasted vegetables plus some steamed broccoli with cooked seasoned brown rice, seasoned chicken, and Chick-fil-a sauce. It was awesome over this combo!


I enjoyed Greek yogurt and frozen fruit out of the nearly empty peanut butter jar for dessert. We started Broadchurch, and I was hooked. I told Matt I hadn’t wanted to start another show, but then he proved me wrong. Husband win for finding it!


We’re obsessed with Mason’s shaved, pink belly. He has no body image issues and is proud of his figure! Let this be a lesson to us all to embrace our wonderful selves.



For breakfast on Caturday, I noshed on the last crossiant along with cottage cheese, fruit, and Nutzo out of our nearly empty local honey jar. ‘Twas a theme apparently.

After relaxing with my coffee, completing a word find, and cleaning, I finished a Barre3 workout. I then refueled with lemongrass + ginger Triscuits drizzled with tahini and enjoyed with carrots and took a much-needed shower.


As soon as I saw K Brew post their new drink on Friday, I made plans to treat myself over the weekend! It’s called The Cardinal: raspberry, chocolate, Cruze Farm milk, espresso. It was incredible, and that artwork! So beautiful.


I actually brought a book and just spent time reading more of Intuitive Eating. I also struck up a conversation with two sweet girls sitting next to me. I heard them talking about Stitch Fix, and one told me about Trunk Club. Has anyone tried it? I love breaking out of my shy shell and just socializing! I never would’ve done that a few years ago.


This really hit home for me.


It was my lucky day because this food truck was parked out front! I had made no plans for lunch, which I loved. In my past, I had to plan ev-er-y-thing, but now I try to wing it on the weekends. This was my inspiration for my blog post title. I can really feel myself continuing to strengthen my body trust and healthy relationship with food. I still have setbacks, but none of us should be striving for perfection.


I thoroughly enjoyed the creamy tarragon mushroom crepe. It was phenomenal. It was supposed to include spinach, and it came without. But I’m not one to complain for something like this, and it just meant more mushrooms for me!


K Brew’s bathrooms are adorable! I have goals to put up things like this in our house one day, away from the babies, of course.


I had to 😉


I went by Matt’s dad’s so Matt could change my oil and filter. Love and appreciate my husband! He even checked and added air to my tires. 🙂

I shopped at Aldi and then went home and enjoyed this peanut butter oat bite.


Dinner included this salad with Caesar dressing plus a bowl of our vegetable soup.


Dessert included peanut butter powder, cinnamon, and vanilla stirred into Greek yogurt with an apple and the last of our granola. We watched two more episodes of our show then got a good night’s sleep.



Another epic breakfast! I warmed a tortilla spread with roasted garlic, sprinkled with Everything But the Bagel seasoning, spinach, and freshly grated cheddar. I added very fluffy scrambled eggs before rolling it up into a burrito.


I topped with green siracha and had salsa on the side plus two mandarin oranges dipped in Greek yogurt.


Jaaaaax. He is so cute!


I found these at Aldi, and Mackenzie posted how amazing they are. I loooove Moser Roth, so I treated myself to this box as an early Valentine’s gift. 😉

So for a light lunch, I had hummus toast, carrots, and the hazelnut truffle. Yum!


I bought a 10-class package to Unity Yoga and Wellness Center after attending my first class. I registered for another of their Sculpt + Tone yoga class for the afternoon.

It was ah-mazing!! Challenging, rewarding, and boy did I sweat. That after-class glow.


I enjoyed lemon fig bars with Nutzo. Hit. the. spot.


Matt came home early, so I made a mug of fennel tea, and we watched an episode of Broadchurch.

I then roasted a pan of red cabbage, red onion, broccoli, and mushrooms. It was so smoky, and then I realized it was because of the balsamic cooking spray. Whoops. Just look at that steam.

We had the last of our spaghetti baked over spinach with melted fresh mozzarella. Not typical Super Bowl fare, but it was perfect!


Dessert was frozen grapes and kiwi with Greek yogurt spiced with cinnamon and ginger then topped with Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheerios and peanut buttah.



This morning I woke up to my oatmeal cup ready and waiting on me! I soaked the last of our Wild Friends oatmeal cups (tear), and I chose to use milk and cottage cheese for mine. I ate it cold with banana, apple, and part of the nut butter packet. I’ve saved the rest of later.


And that’s a wrap! Wishing you all a beautiful day!

Friday Favs

I realize it isn’t often that a blogger publishes two posts in one day, but I just have a few new favorites that I wanted to share. Hope you find them interesting and useful!

First up is Love Grown’s cereal cups. The cups themselves aren’t new, but this delicious flavor is! They’re finalizing the name, but they are spicy sweet cinnamon O’s. Yum.


I found this new soap bar that lathers well and leaves my skin feeling clean but not overly moisturized. Know what I mean? I apply lotion after the shower, but I don’t want to step out of the shower feeling greasy. Kaci also advised I start using this Biore charcoal bar, and for almost a week now I’ve been washing my face in the evening with it. It tingles but leaves my skin feeling extra clean.


I’ve been using Pixi shimmery tinted moisturizer for several years now, but their bottles always looked awful after a few uses from my fingerprints. They reformulated the packaging so that now when I handle it after application, the makeup doesn’t adhere. It’s the little things, y’all.


I don’t have it in the budget to get new frames, but while I was waiting on my new lenses, I tried on this crystal pair for fun. What are your all’s thoughts? I actually surprised myself by liking them!


My hope is that one day, the medical community will stop using freaking BMI to determine a person’s health. It is an arbitrary number.


One positive screenshot to conclude this post!






Weekly Eats Highlights

Hello lovely people! I wanted to showcase a few fun meals from this week that I hope spark some inspiration for you.


Overnight oats are truly such a gift. A gift of doughy, delicious, filling oats, and the gift of waking up to breakfast already being made. I soaked this fabulous Wild Friends oatmeal cups with milk and yogurt. In the morning, I thawed fruit that I stirred into it before topping with the almond-cashew butter packet.


On the savory front, I made our classic “scrambler” as we call them. For this bowl, I used a packet of Bakery on Main’s Ancient Grains cereal heated with milk, water, and Everything But the Bagel seasoning. <–  this will be a staple for weeks to come. I wilted in spinach, melted in aged sharp white cheddar, and finally I added the cooked egg. Strong coffee made it the perfect breakfast!


Instead of waffles on Wednesday, I decided to have some of my banana pancake puffs. I enjoyed them drizzled with maple syrup along with cottage cheese, fruit, cinnamon and ginger, and roasted pepitas in a nearly empty pb jar.


I microwaved 1/2 c of old fashioned oats with 3/4 c of milk along with a pinch of espresso sea salt and 1/4 t almond extract. I then added Wyman’s of Maine frozen strawberry/cherry/blueberry/kale blend and heated until warm. Sprinkled the top with brown sugar, a dollop of Nutzo, and a splash of creamer.



I saw a few of these simmer sauces at Aldi and picked up this one as well as a pulled pork flavor that we’ll be using in the next few weeks.


One of the suggestions on the back is to combine cooked chicken with white beans, so I seasoned and sauteed our full chicken package but then removed half. I added a can of organic cannellini beans and then the sauce to simmer. We enjoyed it over wilted greens and heated brown rice cooked in coconut milk.


When reheating the leftovers, I made brown rice with the last of our vegetable broth plus water, salt, and garlic herb seasoning blend. It smelled so good while it simmered! I layered our bowls with greens, rice, and the chicken bean dish, added more pepper spice and olives before heating. I topped them with avocado.


Kaci made this fabulous meal to share! It includes hidden homemade coleslaw, avocado, pomegranate seeds, quinoa, and medium cheddar cheese.


Matt made an absolutely epic bowl of spaghetti! He put a lot more effort into it than I have, and it has inspired me to get more creative when I’m in charge of the cooking. He sautéed the ground beef with Worcestershire and spices and then added freshly chopped mushrooms and red wine. He decided to add turmeric, and he said it turned a really crazy green color. Lastly, he added a little brown sugar, salt, and ricotta. After simmering, we served it over GF Aldi brown rice spaghetti with a dollop of ricotta on top. The pasta, unfortunately, clumped together, so we have ordered an 8-qt. saucepan to use in the future. I had finished a killer (read: kicked my butt) online Barre3 workout, and man did this hit the spot!

It just so happened that I planned to make Alexis’ yummy vegetable soup on the day our temperatures plummeted. I’d say that is perfect timing! On the side we enjoyed crackers with the last of our beet ginger bean dip mixed with avocado and Everything But the Bagel seasoning.


I made a few changes based on what we had on hand. As Alexis said, you the recipe as a guide and have fun with it! I sauteed a red onion with fresh green beans, two seasoned baked potatoes, and Italian seasoning. I added the can of dark red kidney beans, corn, one can of seasoned tomatoes, and chicken broth. I didn’t realize we only had one, so I added a can of beets. Problem solved. Finished with chopped black olives and let it simmer. Matt went back for seconds!


Snacks + Desserts

For an after dinner snack, I made this smoothie one night. It included fresh but chilled banana along with frozen kiwi, grapes, and berries. I blended it with Greek yogurt and milk before topping with Chocolate PB Cheerios.


One afternoon after I got back home from work, I simply enjoyed dark chocolate pb on a spoon before jumping into a Barre3 workout. This fueled me well without weighing down my stomach.


I enjoyed the aforementioned frozen berry/cherry/kale blend with yogurt and…


a homemade chocolate chip walnut cookie from Kaci! I had gone over to her house one evening to enjoy a walk together, and she gave me two of them. They are perfection.


One afternoon when I got home from work, I warmed a whole wheat pita and swirled Nutzo and jam on top. Yum!


I hope these meals provide you with some inspiration in the ole kitchen! I know it’s not done often at all, but I’ll be sharing a second post today of my Friday Favs. Hope you enjoy both posts and have a fabulous weekend!

Food Freedom + Delicious Eats


As always, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I’m starting my recap with a few throwback photos that Matt came across. His phone acted weird, and his email downloaded photos dating back to 2007! The man I’m standing next to all bundled up was the reason Matt and I met in summer of 2005. Upper right photo is Mason as a baby and then a few years older down below. Rachel has loved her man from the beginning! These were so fun to look at. ❤

We’ve discovered that Jax is obsessed with foil. Matt gave him this ball, and I took a video of him running away and growling. I had to pry his jaws open to remove it!

I shared my stuffed sweet potato breakfast on my last post. It hit the spot. Before I got into the shower, I realized how gorgeous the sunrise was and had to step outside and take some photos. I don’t care how many times I witness a sunrise or a sunset, they are breathtaking!



I took my sassy sunnies out on an afternoon walk post lunch thanks to Kase! She called me, and we chatted for about 20 minutes. It felt amazing.


Kroger’s free Friday download was a free Epic Bar. It was a nice afternoon snack. I then went to the salon and got my hair cut, and I was able to see Kase because she came by to get her bangs trimmed. 🙂


Now a sunset photo! I took it through my windshield, but it was so pretty.


I stopped by Kroger for gas and to get Matt a pork chop for his dinner. #wifeaward Traffic was a pain, but I finally made it home. Carrots with Everything But the Bagel seasoning + the golden turmeric dressing. Can’t stop eating it; it’s so delicious!


I had leftover salmon lentil pasta dish with wilted greens.


Per my suggestion, Matt cooked his bone-in pork chop in the iron skillet with roasted garlic, seasonings, and apple cider vinegar. Steamed broccoli from frozen with the bagel seasoning and a baked sweet potato with roasted jalapeño and cinnamon. He gave me a bite, and it was incredible!


Dessert included Fage, thawed fruit, carob muffin, and pb ribbon. I then had a few mixed nuts and Cheerios because I was still hungry.



I wanted to use our last roasted sweet potato for breakfast and came up with this creation. I shared my recipe on my Ig story and posted it below. Please let me know if you try it!




During breakfast, all we could see his Mason’s paw come out of the box for the mouse. Matt took this, and it kills us. He’s such a character! He has his follow-up exam this afternoon, so please send us good vibes. He finshed this last round of chemo, that we administered at home, on Friday.


After completing a Barre3 workout, I had a carob muffin with ricotta then got ready.


Kaci was super sweet and picked up Rachel’s new prescription and also came over to do some grocery shopping together. We ended up dressing so twinsy and didn’t even plan it!




I had a Chick-fil-a grilled chicken sandwich for a late lunch. We went by the pet store for the boys and then Kroger. It may seem like a boring chore, but when shopping together, it was a blast!


I took the screenshot last week and finally made Kylie’s snack bites. I made so many recipes this week and that felt really good! I love to come up with my own creations, but then it was nice to follow recipes by these amazing bloggers.


Tada! Plus I have a container in the freezer. I got 26.5 from the mix.


I also made Kylie’s sushi donuts, and per Matt’s suggestion, I used the lid to his Cheerios container to make them. Brilliant!


I made a spring mix salad with freshly grated carrot, beet ginger bean dip, and sesame oil. Those colors 😍


I was so pleased with this meal!


We have green siracha, so our siracha + mayo combo didn’t have a red tint.


For dessert I had Fage with a fresh peach, granola, and I chopped up some mixed nuts.




I had seen Eggland’s Best post a recipe on Ig for egg and avocado stuffed baked potato, and we had to try it. Matt coated our potatoes in melted butter, garlic herb seasoning, and salt and pepper. We baked them Saturday night then just had to reheat over spinach on Sunday. Stuffed with fresh roasted garlic, freshly shredded cheddar, hidden avocado, and I ended up making two eggs because the yolk broke on my first. (Side note: as I began to eat, I realized that eating the whole potato would make me uncomfortably full. Despite serving it, I know I can eat it anytime and didn’t need to clean my plate. I ate half the potato with all the spinach and toppings and felt great. Intuitive Eating vs. something or someone telling me how much to eat.)


Matt’s eggs were prettier. 😉


I then received a message that I had won a Cruze Farm ice cream cone!! Made my day even sweeter.


I did some meal planning, chores, Barre3, and ate lunch. Then I finally took a bath with lavender salt and read Intuitive Eating. I need to make more time for baths. Sometimes I feel like I should be doing something productive instead of relaxing in the tub, but I think society is so go-go-go that we don’t slow down often enough.

Once ready, I stopped by Kaci and Drew’s to give her some of the oat bites then headed over to Cruze Farm.


I love this menu design!


Coffee • Lavender Honey Swirl in a waffle cone. Yes, it is as amazing as it sounds!


Once home, I wiped down my filthy car, did laundry, cleaned the bathroom, and then I got started on dinner. As I was prepping the vegetables, I pulled this parsnip out of the bag. So weird looking!


Green beans, carrots, parsnips, and red cabbage tossed in avo oil, Everything But the Bagel seasoning + garlic herb blend.


All roasted until just fork tender.


I had my other half of the potato warmed with organic canned lentils and all drizzled with the golden turmeric dressing.


For a light dessert, I had the last of the yogurt with part of a banana and Nutzo.


One of Drew’s best friends was diagnosed with a serious health condition. Please keep him in your thoughts. It serves as a reminder at how precious life is and how quickly things can change. Make this week a great one!

Food Highlights From the Week


First up is Wild Friends oatmeal cup with their almond cashew butter packet. I added the milk and soaked it overnight before heating it in the microwave. They’re delicious as is or with fruit added!


You will see this Golden Turmeric Tahini Dressing below, and ever since I made it, I’ve enjoyed it every day. I toasted a Van’s GF Ancient Grains waffle and topped it with avocado, peach, roasted pepitas, and the dressing enjoyed over wilted spinach. I split the last three pancakes and had yogurt, jam, and roasted sunflower seeds with them.


On Thursday morning I made Kath’s Easy Baked Eggs, and man was this good! I reserved some of the caramelized onion and sautéed peppers from dinner on Tuesday and added canned French style green beans. I used a splash of milk then two eggs and dill Havarti plus freshly shredded sharp white cheddar. This was egg-cellent. I enjoyed mine with Aldi’s mixed potato hash browns.



I used Abbey’s Vegan Sweet Potato Bowl as inspiration for this fabulous Fri-yay breakfast. I baked five sweet potatoes on Sunday evening so that all I had to do was reheat and top to my heart’s desire. This included cinnamon, Fage Greek yogurt, grapes, Nutzo, granola, and sprinkles!



Matt made an epic breakfast, and the bite I had was amazing. He took our leftover pizza and toasted it with extra cheddar before topping with avocado, green siracha, and two over easy eggs. If in doubt, always take your leftovers, add an egg, and have them for breakfast!




I only have one lunch to share, but it was a fun use of our pantry foods. I split a 90-second roasted chicken rice packet, the rest of our 90-second lentils, part of a can of French style green beans, and pumpkin vinaigrette. It needed a little more of the vinaigrette, but I was happy that I could put together a recipe from our pantry.



As soon as Brittany posted this dressing recipe on Monday, I planned to put it together for our salad that evening. It’s deeelicious.


I tossed out organic greens and mini peppers with it to enjoy with a Mexican-style stuffed sweet potato. I used a 90-second lentil pouch for a tasty protein plus salsa, yogurt, avocado, roasted jalapenos, and freshly grated cheddar. This was such a good, quick meal! I had already roasted five sweet potatoes on Sunday evening, so Monday was a breeze.


On Tuesday evening, I made another quick salad to go along with our Modern Table Meals dish. I caramelized a red onion and then added peppers and roasted garlic to sauté until tender. I added the cooked red lentil pasta, a small can of wild caught salmon, and the sauce to the skillet. Unfortunately, I should have cooked down the sauce before adding the pasta, so it was a tad over-cooked. BUT Matt and I thoroughly enjoyed it!


I swung by Trader Joe’s and picked up this balsamic marinated cooked chicken and frozen vegetable blend that came together as an awesome and fast meal.


Thursday night I simply baked an Udi’s frozen cheese pizza that we seasoned with our roasted garlic and herb salt free blend.


I put together a quick salad of mixed greens, avocado, and carrots plus the tahini dressing. Can’t stop, won’t stop.


Matt’s siracha. Hahahaha, it was hilarious watching him methodically place these drops.


Snacks // Treats

Honestly do yourselves a favor and stop everything that you’re doing to go make these PB Chocolate Oat Bars/Bites from Alexis! They were a breeze to make, and Matt and I cannot stop raving about them.


The espresso sea salt on the top makes them even more delightful.


Kaci was so sweet and in exchange for two bars, she gave me a homemade chocolate chip cookie. The best! She took this photo on the night she made them, and I wanted to share it.


Clearly turmeric and I are having a moment. I decided to again take Erin’s Golden Milk recipe and turn it into a smoothie. I added the spices, vanilla, and honey with yogurt, milk, frozen kiwi/mango/banana/apple/spinach. I topped it with a dollop of Nutzo. Next time I will cut the spices in half because they were a bit too much for the fruit. But again, it was good, and you never know unless you try!


I’ll end by sharing our super fun participation in Maker’s Donuts second birthday. They were giving out a free donut to all customers! I hurried and got ready in time to meet Kaci, which was the perfect start to my day! She took the next three photos.


Makers Gonna Make


She enjoyed their toasted coconut.


I chose their milk + cereal with Fruity Pebbles. So fun and delicious!


My coffee shakes were real, so I held ze donut, and Kaci snapped these next two for me.



Is she not the cutest?



Wishing everyone the best day and start to the weekend!